Thursday, February 25, 2010

My manicure.....

I will not post tonight, as previously stated because I am still recovering from a four day convention in Las Vegas. I worked very hard and made some great contacts, but I also enjoyed Las Vegas. Who has conferences in Las Vegas? It is a HARD city in which to go to bed early and get up even earlier to meet and greet and be productive. I did manage to have some great meetings, network with potential customers and enjoy seeing cultural events along with being around a proud, productive group of businesses and people!

I must get my fancy convention, Las Vegas nail polish off and continue to rest. Traveling, working and enjoying myself took a toll and I am tired. I did come home to happy children, a clean house and NO DIRTY LAUNDRY. I am a lucky lady!


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Anonymous said...

Indeed..sounds like it was all good. happy kids, clean house, no dirty laundry on one end and a good
conference combined with business
and enjoying the sights and sounds of Vegas at the other end. Lucky woman indeed. Glad it all worked.
Reading to read the daily blog!