Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Circle of Life and snow...

As I sit here waiting on news about my grandfather, papa, I think about the strangeness that is life.  At this very moment, one of my best friends is in labor.  She tried for over three years to conceive, suffering four miscarriages and an inutero virus that threatened the life her finally healthy fetus. 

My grandfather is dying.  I don't expect him to live through the new year.  He is old, and has been sick for many years.  It is his time and I am sure my grandmother is eagerly awaiting his arrival.  I will miss him.

The circle of life is such that we dance with joy at the birth of a baby and cry with sadness at the loss of a life.  Such is the way.

And then there is snow!

Hurry mom, take a picture, we want to play!

I may be biased...
But she is simply beautiful!


UPDATE:  BFF Baby born at 5:09 PST, Grandfather passed away at 8:30 PST.  Life, it is a circle!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A comedy of errors, kind of... Not really...

Although we had a wonderful Christmas Eve with family complete with a sleigh ride and an even better Christmas day with more family, the past seven days have been the near death of me.  I am blaming the entire experience on the fact that our travel day last week went off without a hitch!

James is still sick.  In fact, I had to take him back to urgent care on Christmas Day because his fever was still high all the time and he was just miserable.  Turns out he had a double ear infection and a sinus infection.  Antibiotics were procured after a long wait due to it being CHRISTMAS DAY!  I am not sure if it was him being sick that morning or not, but James was frightened of all of his presents except for Mr. Potato Head.  For that, he jumped up and down in between crying and wiping his snot on my shirt!  James managed to pass his germs around successfully and as of now, Grandpa and Cousin R went down. 

And then there was last night.  Lilly had remained relatively unscathed, just a small runny nose but all in all she was having the time of her life.  Flash forward to 1am this morning.  We had to move around the sleeping arrangements because more family arrived, so Jeff was sleeping downstairs on the couch and Lilly with me.  At 1am, I turned over, looked at Lilly and she proceeded to projectile vomit all over me and the bed.  Twice.  I scrambled to get help to help clean up the bed while I cleaned up Lilly.  She went straight back to sleep and seems fine today.

Now lets flash forward again to about 7:45 this morning.  James was waking up so I went downstairs to get him and started to change his diaper in the dark when I noticed a strange coloring around his mouth.  I ran him upstairs and found dried blood around his mouth and nose.  I lost it.  After a thorough cleaning, I deduced that he had a bloody nose sometime during the night and it had dried.  I immediately called the doctor, cause you know, his brain was bleeding and he has been sick for a week.  Turns out they weren't worried and I was told to just watch it.  He still has a low grade fever and isn't the happiest of babies but as we get to our 48 hour of antibiotics, I am hoping beyond hope that he begins to get healthy again.

It hasn't been all horrible.  The family fun has been full of laughs, food and wine, so there is that.  Lilly had the greatest time with her cousins and took part in the traditional Christmas Eve skating.

My in-laws neighborhood is simply beautiful on Christmas Eve.  
Their house lights up the cul-de-sac!

Everyone got great gifts and the little ones were simply in heaven! 
(Well James was in heaven he just didn't know it.)
This is a horrible picture but see, he is having fun!

Lilly also went to her first Bronco game with her dad.

I can't say I have been having the time of my life like my little Lilly.  I hadn't slept more than three to four hours straight since we arrived.  Jeff finally took the monitor away from me on Christmas night so I could get some sleep.  Even before the craziness that was early this morning and James pool of blood, I had reached my limit.  This morning I attempted to take off and spend some time with myself.  I needed a break from the kids and being inside.  I hadn't really left the house other than an occassional errand here and there.  It was getting to me.

I tried to enjoy myself but after getting lost, having a restaurant I wanted to enjoy being closed and finally a failed shopping experience, I just had to laugh and acknowledge, that as a mom, this is my life.  I endure the days and nights of sickness and no sleep.  I may get a chance to be young and carefree every once in a while, but the realty is that I am mom.  I embrace it.  Mostly!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pictionary and other Christmas stories

I am not going to write too much about how I have a sick child.  I mean the panic of having a little boy with a 104.5 fever is enough to make me want to write about nothing.  It was pointed out to me by one of my readers (HI SHARON!)  being sick in Denver over Christmas is a holiday tradition with my family.  So, I am embracing the sickness and hoping it goes away soon! 

Grandpa comforting the sick child!  AWWW!

One family traditon that I wish I still embraced was playing board games, card games and other fun non-tv or computer activities.  However, Jeff and I aren't really game players, and neither is his family.  I think sometimes it would be nice if we would all sit around and play cards or a board game, but I leave this to my parents and sister's family.  

I remember many times when I was younger playing Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary with my sister and parents.  Most likely I was rolling my eyes, willing the phone to ring so I could talk to my friends who were sure to be doing something much more exciting.  Every once in a while I acknowledged I was having a good time and even smiled!

My father was, and turns out is still the most epic of Pictionary players.  His drawing remains unmatched and honestly might need to be in the Museum of Modern Art!  

Guess this drawing...

Or better yet this one...

And I dare you to guess this one...
Happy Holidays from the entire happymommy family!


Drawing 1:  Dracula
Drawing 2:  The Solar System
Drawing 3:  Rope Climber (of course it is!  Of course!)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Power of Family...

I just finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo today and honestly, I felt off.  I am not sure what it was about that book, but it was unsettling to me.  Maybe it was the subject matter.  Maybe it was the ending.  Maybe it was the thought that in this world there are people who have lives like the characters in the book and have to fight their way through life:  without love, without hope and with nothing happy to look forward to in their future.  I KNOW there are people who suffer so much worse and still manage to live day to day.  There are entire countries whose inhabitants have no where to turn for their next meal.  It made me sad, and it made me look around at what I do have and truly appreciate.

I write a lot, A LOT, about being thankful for my life, my family and my many blessings.  Maybe in the new year I will write about how no one has commented on my new hairdo, made a statement about the whole three pounds I have lost, or actual important subjects that extend beyond my own life.  But tonight, I share family.  Merry Christmas! 

The Mighty Motorcycle Gang!
Oh, and Cousin Ryan pretending to be part of the Gang!
Cousins watching Frosty the Snowman!

The little one didn't nap today...

He tried really hard to hang with his cousins and sister!

A great day!  But in the midst of all this family happiness, I need to remember not everyone is so lucky.  What can I do to reach out to others and help make their lives happier?  I will be better about donating, about following through on my ideas to help and giving extra time to those that are less fortunate than I.

Happy Holidays!


PS:  I loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  It was well written, kept me engaged and left me thinking.  I read it in a day and a half, and would have finished it earlier had I not had to get on a plane for all this family love.  I already bought the 2nd book, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and will probably read it in the next couple of days.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My update....

We have arrived in the great city of Denver!  Honestly, we have never had such an easy day of traveling in my life.  We made it to the airport in record time, through security quickly and the flight was uneventful.  It was simply fabulous!  The kids were incredible, and I managed to keep it together.  What in the world?

One year ago....

And today...
Anyone see the difference?

My little family loves being here.  We hang our perverbial hat and make ourselves at home.  And we have a great time!

And then there are the cousins!

Jeff and I continue to be amazed at our life!  We are lucky, our children are blessed and we know it.  Each and every day, we know it!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh the joys of parenting....

After last Sunday's losing the child episode, I thought it would be smooth sailing until we left on our yearly adventure to Denver for Christmas.  I sure was wrong.  

On Monday morning, James started complaining about his belly but he seemed fine, albeit a tad pale but I took him to daycare anyway because there was no throwing up or fever.  However, when I picked him up he was full on sick.  103 temperature for forty-eight hours.  On Wednesday he woke up right as rain and once again I tricked myself into believing all was well with the world.  HAHAHA!

Lilly was up all Wednesday night with a raging fever.  Of course, Lilly had a big playdate at our house that afternoon, so in addition to worrying about Lilly, I had to freak out about Lilly giving her little friend the plague.  So Thursday, off to the doctor we went.  Lilly was shivering with fever, and James was jumping around singing.  I wanted to have the doctor check to make sure it was just a virus and there was no ear infection or some other malady.  No ear infection, just a virus.  But wait, let's check for strep.  ARGHHH.  Thank goodness the initial test came back negative because having strep meant so much more than just getting antibiotics.  I would have to call the mother of Lilly's friend, who has three children and is getting ready for her own Christmas trip.  The school would have to be notified, so parents could get that dreaded letter saying their child had been exposed to the dreaded disease.  James' daycare would have to be notified and the woman who runs his daycare just had a baby, ON SUNDAY!  And then there was Lilly...

The poor child was miserable.  She didn't want to eat, drink or even watch TV.  Her temperature soared to 104.1 and I started to lose it.  I prepared myself for a trip to the ER because I just knew she was going to start having seizures and develop rheumatic fever.  Imagine the paperwork involved in that!

The part of being a parent that starts with worry, leads to panic and finally pure, unadulterated panic is not written about in any parenting book.  I imagine the worse case scenario and take it one step further.  I had Lilly already admitted to the hospital and was trying to figure out how to get my mom over to watch James so Jeff could come to the hospital while we stood vigil!  Needless to say, Lilly slept with me last night and after a fitful night of sleep, she woke up this morning good to go and happy as a little clam.

The moral of this story is that I am insane.  Clearly, I love my children.  Clearly, I may need therapy.  

Happy Holidays!  Writing may be more sporadic than usual, or more often over the next two weeks.  You know me, I am nothing if not inconsistent!
 Picture brought to you by Elmo's Monster Maker and Sesame Street


Sunday, December 12, 2010

My child was lost.... And I lost it....

If I write one more time about how I have nothing to blog about I am going to put forks in my eyeballs.  But honestly, I have nothing to write about these days.  I mean my life isn't boring and I have much blog fodder, but the need to write about it all is next to none.  I try, in my head, but getting in "on paper" is just plain hard. 

I did have the pleasure of spending yesterday afternoon with some fabulous people while we waited out the "dry run" for Lilly's dance recital.  There were more laughs and oh my lordy moments in that hour of waiting than I have had in awhile!  Shout out to Kris for being awesome and enduring an hour of crazy with the parents of 5 year olds!

The Dance....
Not the greatest of dances, but oh so cute!

And then there was today...
James is dressed and ready to go...

We went to a fabulous Christmas party with people from every walk of life.  Santa was there, food was abundant the the kid to adult ratio was like 32:1.

I will not go into the specifics of why my son was unsupervised for about two minutes, but needless to say, those two minutes sent me into a panic.  Two minutes led to 5 minutes which led to many more minutes.  I was running around thinking oh he is just here.  Oh, I'll find him there.  Ten minutes later, I still can't find him.  By this time, I am hyperventilating.  I have images of him being stuck under the pool cover.  Maybe he fell down the stairs and broke his neck and no one can find him.  I am running around like a lunatic:  STRAIGHT INTO A GLASS PATIO DOOR!  I don't stop for a second.  Now, all the other party attendees keep saying, "are you ok?"  "did you lose something?"  YES, YES, I DID LOSE MY CHILD.  DO NOT MIND ME RUNNING INTO THE GLASS DOOR JUST GO HELP ME FIND MY SON!.

Over the last two years I have cussed my son.  He cried the first six months of his life.  He whines a lot.  He is very particular and needs things just so.  But if something were to ever happen to him, there really are no words.  He laughs, has the best humor and is one of three people that I will never be able to live without.  And then there are stories like this out there.  Really, world?  Really?

My brother-in-law found James playing baseball in the corner of the back yard; just happy as a clam.  Leave it to my BIL to make everything right.  I haven't hugged and kissed James more than I did tonight. 

I am tired.  Exhausted and overwhelmed.  And my head hurts from running into the glass door.  But my children are alive and healthy.  I couldn't ask for anything better than that!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hockey and Elbows....

Before I start into my normal fun quips about family events and pictures of my cute children, I want to give tribute to a wonderful woman whose life was cut short today by the awfulness that is cancer.

Elizabeth Edwards died today after a six year battle with breast cancer.  She was a dignified and proud woman who led her life with grace and class.  She lost a child at a young age, and one may say she has now joined him to watch over her other children from afar.  A woman, a mother and a wife; she was all of these and she did them better than I could ever hope to do.  We will miss the guidance this woman could have offered us should she have escaped this deadly disease.  She will be missed.

I have no segue from that to just yacking nonsensically about my life and my cute children.  Sorry.

Jeff plays league hockey twice a week.  It does not affect our family life because the crazy man plays at 10:45 most nights and leaves long after the children are in bed.  Last night was the final playoff game for his Monday night league.  He made the game winning goal and got hit  in the elbow with a frozen puck going 50 miles an hour. 

Um, not good. 
 And yes, this is his elbow.  He swears it is fine.  We shall see...

Last month we went to A Night in Bethlehem at my church with our friends.
Great fun was had...

James was especially entertained!
And yes, he is wearing his Brobe headband from Yo Gabba Gabba Live.

We are preparing for our yearly Denver trip by getting out the jackets and the boots for snow.  I am a weather wimp and need no snow gear as I don't go in the snow, but the kids are a different story.  
Lilly is good to go.

Happy Holidays!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Parties...

Tonight is my husband's work annual holiday extravaganza.  In the three years Jeff has been with his company we have been to Vegas for the night, an Italian joint, Sonoma for wine tasting, a grand meal and an overnight and this year we are headed to Brazil.  Not the actual Brazil, but a restaurant where waiters walk around with meat on a stick and you eat until you pass out from the glutony.  I am looking forward to the Brazilian experience tonight at this restaurant.  Supposedly there is dancing as well as eating until you die!

On another note, Lilly is in the process of taking a break from writing her letter to Santa.  So far this year, we want Zhu Zhu pets (kill me now), some follow Thomas thing that will ensure I die and new ice skates.  Although she will not get all of this, or even any of it, it is entertaining to watch her get excited about Santa.  We will go see him tomorrow in a parade by our house.  The joy of watching a young one start to appreciate the tradition is exciting.  Ok, who am I kidding?  The girl just wants things.

Wish me luck at my overeating adventure.