Saturday, February 6, 2010

And she is my friend, and I am proud....

I have a friend who has been my friend since I was twelve. This is a rare thing in my life because I moved so much growing up, thank you to Uncle Sam, and after thirteen schools in twelve years, it became hard for me to attach myself to anything, much less friends. I am a grownup now, almost forty (help), but I still have few friends. I have many people in my life, peeps from all over town and country. But few, are my true friends that know everything about me and still love me. They have been with me through the skinnies, the fats, the drinks and the laughs. I am working on developing relationships with those who can put up with me and will call ME a friend. I am a journey, hard and fun all at once, but a journey none the less.

Today my longtime friend took time out of her day to go see my dad at his book signing. She won person of the day, and I love her for it!

Thank you Karen!


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Anonymous said...

great pic of Karen and Lilly. It
was perfect that she could go to
the book signing. Old friends
do become even more special when
they make the time to do very thoughtful things - like go to your
Dad's book signing.