Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have voices in my head....

Turns out, I am constantly writing: blogs, books, movie reviews, menus or whatever. All these years I thought the voices were my crazy self coming to light, but turns out I might just be a writer. I missed putting my thoughts to blog yesterday and I found myself "writing" in my head all day. At the park, while talking and even when I WAS NOT gossiping with one of my partners in crime about the people we encountered. Then I read a tweet (and yes, I tweet, cuz you know I have NOTHING else going on in my life) by @?. I can't find the tweet anymore, but she said, and I am sure it is a she, "I am not a blogger, I am a writer who blogs." I shall take pride in this and if I can't blog everyday because I am tired, or because I just don't feel like it, this is ok. No one is going to fire me, or abandon me. I am fine with missing a day or two and when I return, I can take all my thoughts and put them to "paper." I will enjoy my writing ride with an obligation to myself to write funny stuff, thoughtful prose and stories of life.

And about my move. It is way to much work for now. So, here I remain until I have time to set up themes, and figure out statistics and quiet the voices telling me to stop all the madness.

Headed to Las Vegas tomorrow for a four day conference. There will be much to write about and since I will be alone on the plane, in my hotel and while eating, I am sure to have lots to share. Please send good thoughts to my husband and my parents as they watch little ones, shuffle them back and forth and PLEASE let James behave on Tuesday so Jeff can work and not be stressed! I have never been away from either of my children for this long. I know it will be fine but I will miss them. And Jeff too!

And if you have any type of fire emergency, Lilly is your gal!



Anonymous said...

so glad you are back! I love the
new philosophy - a writer who blogs. Excellent! I so enjoy your
writing and will now be a happier person able to look forward to ending my day with a blog or beginning my day with a blog. All good! Enjoy Vegas!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a writer. Everything is a story, something to share. Way to go. And, if you are like me, remembering to put all the good stuff on paper or on this case, the blog is key. The good news is I never forget, just don't remember it at the right time.