Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have a colicky child. That's a little like saying you're a drug addict, but you are ready to commit yourself to a life of sobriety. I am ready to commit myslef to not having a colicky child. I love him, but seriously, when will it end? He does sleep for hours at a time, so I am lucky there. But three to four straight hours of screaming and writhing is killing me. I am constantly crying and everyone keeps saying it will pass in about three weeks and I want to tell them to screw themselves and come over and keep him while I take a vacation for three weeks. If one more person says to me that I asked for this, or that I begged for a year for a baby and Lilly is so great I was sure to get one that wasn't so much, I will punch them. How insensitive. Do you think it is nice after being sleep deprived and grumpy and stinky from not having time to shower for almost a month to hear this? NO!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Normal... As much as I can be

Feeling so much better today. Thinking about giving up on feeding the kid like God intended, but one more try tomorrow with a Lactation consultant. I can not take anymore 45 minute screaming at the boobs sessions, so we will see how it goes. I will be allowed to drive on Friday and we are headed out for our first family outing, to the county fair for the 4th. Excited and scared... Lilly has been so wonderful these past weeks and I just love, adore her and think she is the greatest! I think she is destined for wonderful things. I see her in the Olympics. The next Mary Lou Retton. Hmmm, or first female hockey player. Yack. Jeff's dream.

Another blessed day of love and happiness. It is now time for work to go our way!