Thursday, July 28, 2011

And the begging commences...

If you look over to the right you will see that I am walking the Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk for a Cure in September. Currently, I have raised $750, which is just a TAD less than I am required to raise. I need me some monies people! Click on the link to the right or the link below. In fact, click on them both and donate twice! (Just kidding, any donation of any amount is much appreciated and goes to a great cause!)

In the past six weeks a dear loved one has been touched by the ugly that is cancer. We are optimistic that this will just be a tiny little nudge and not a push that requires pushing back. But if it is, we will fight and fight for a healthy ending. This is non-negotiable.

Please help me be a part of something as big as bringing awareness and helping find a cure for breast cancer. For me, it has become not just about breast cancer, but all cancer.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mean people...

No one has been mean to me, at least lately, so let me get that out of the way.

I am not going to link to any story, post, facebook comment or tweet from the world wide web. I do not want to bring attention to anyone or anything specific. This being said, I am finding it so very hard to understand how anyone can say anything to someone they don't know that is mean spirited and deliberately cruel.

What makes someone do this? Is is the anonymity of the Internet? I certainly don't know any adult person that would walk up to a complete stranger and say, "I overheard your conversation and I don't agree with you. In fact, I think you are stupid and dumb and you should die." I don't surround myself with people who may send me an email that states, "I read your post today and you are an idiot and your children are ugly." I would never stop to talk to a grieving person and say, "well he certainly deserved it. Look at the way he lived his life and you should just get over it."

Today, I have come across three separate, completely unrelated posts and news articles in which commenters directly and verbally assault the writer.  Then there are the comments, mostly anonymous, that lambaste either the writer or the subject of the post or article with unbelievable hatred. It saddens me. It makes me wonder what started all of this? We are clearly no longer a civilized people who want the best for our neighbors.

Do we look at the nonsense happening in Washington and wonder how in the world we got here?  Do we look at the horrific tragedy of Oslo, Norway and wonder how someone becomes that way? When and why did some of us become such awful people?

My main goals for my children are for them to be nice to everyone, to be grateful for everything they have and to be individuals. (I also spend a lot of time telling them to settle down and stop jumping up and down on the floor so we don't make our downstairs neighbor crazier than he already is!) At what point do people change from having basic human compassion to attacking, abusing and hurting their fellow man.

I know people have fought wars since the beginning of time because of hatred and misguided beliefs on either side. This is different. It is the "mean girl" effect manifesting itself in written verbal vitriol. It infuriates me, saddens me and makes me want to hug my children and wish that we lived in a time when people were simply nice.

Don't get me wrong, I am not perfect. Today, I even thought about some things I have said behind other people's back to my husband, or even friends. Now granted, these people I may have been talking about are ridiculous, but these thoughts need to stay in my head. I am a notorious gossip who tends to stick my nose in other people's business. I started trying to change this personality trait when I lost a dear friend a few years ago. Not because of gossip but because she didn't want my help nor my opinion. It is time for me to continue to keep my mouth shut no matter what the truth of the situation. I will not be part of this being mean movement. At least I will try.


ALSO: There is this crazy thing that started a few years ago, that I just recently realized. There is now only 1 space after a period. It is documented and everything. Hardest habit I have had to break and am I am not doing a very good job of it. Please be patient with my many mistakes in this area. And let's be honest with all things grammar and spelling. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

I won twitter today...

Last week one of my favorite bloggers, @backpackingdad put down the gauntlet on twitter. He made a deal with his friend @fiatluxsf, indie boutique owner of Fiat Lux Galleries, that he could get him to 200 followers on Twitter. The full explanation of the giveaway can be found at backpackingdad's blog and since I don't feel like typing out the entire process, should you be so inclined to see how this worked, go review the complicated (not) rules and regulations.

Guess what everyone: I won. I was randomly picked from over 200 twitterers (?). I won one of these beautiful rings!

I actually won. I never win anything. I will be visiting Fiat Lux Galleries on Saturday to pick up my ring and probably buy other stuff because I can't pass up beautiful jewelry.

I won Twitter today people! I totally won!

Update: as soon as I finished posting this, my newly potty trained son pee'd on my feet. So there is that!


**Not sponsored. Nobody paid me anything, blah blah blah!**

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I spent a wonderful, yet not stress free day at the pool with a friend and her kids. Since James is 90% potty trained during the day we spent at least half the time at the pool with him telling me he had to go to the bathroom. Run to bathroom, take off bathing suit, sit on toilet and put back on swimsuit. Lilly swam and swam and then swam some more. My friend and I talked and joked and talked more about my current career. I am truly hoping that it works out and that I start making money hand over fist and it is worth my time. If it doesn't work, then I will quit. Currently, I am spending more money to work than actually bringing home money. And since I am still commuting across the bridge four times a day, my stress level is through the roof. But I am not different than about a million working moms and dads around the world. I am not different than a million stay at home moms and dads around the world either. It is about finding a balance; in life and family. This is a task in itself. It is a lot of work, but for most of us, it ends up being worth it.

I came up with a business idea while sitting in traffic today and I think it is brilliant. I won't share it because I don't want any of my four readers to steal my idea. I must research, plan and discuss this with many. I will let you know if anything comes of it.

Happy Sunday!


Friday, July 22, 2011

My addiction to Twitter made James famous...

I have an unhealthy relationship with Twitter. I am on it all the time. Mainly lurking and reading other people's tweets, but sometimes I do a little tweeting myself! Over the course of the last year, this has lead to some actual friendships. I mean, I don't go to their houses and drink wine or anything. At least not yet because that would be fun! We just interact with eachother and share links and posts and stuff.  Jeff doesn't get my twitterness. What he didn't know was that it would lead to James' becoming a famous star on the interwebz.

I started following @imommygame for some reason. I can't remember why, but one evening I tweeted something and she tweeted back something that made me actually LOL. Instant fan! Turns out this lovely woman created an app for the iphone and ipad for children. I don't want to explain the whole game to you, but you can check it out at the imommy website for a full explanation. Did you go see? Whose precious little face is front and center of the imommy website? The picture is a perfect example of how great this cute little game is. Both Lilly and James have spent time together and separate playing with the different babies in each room. Weird that James' favorite room to play in is the one where he changes diapers. (He is now potty trained people. POTTY TRAINED! Maybe he misses the diapers.) Anyway, the kids enjoy the game and I highly recommend it to parents with small children.

I would like to apologize now if someone ever sends me a Goggle + invitation. I think it would be the end of me communicating with actual people. I would also like to apologize to Jeff for making him watch Big Brother 13, AGT and So You Think You Can Dance. He tries to hide from me each night. To compensate, I watched a documentary reality series on the San Francisco Giants called the Franchise. Does that count since it is still reality tv? I don't think so, it is sports. But it was really good!


**This is not a sponsored post. No one told me to write it nor was there any monetary or otherwise compensation. James was also not paid for being in cutest picture on the internet.  Neither were Lilly's legs.  Thank you and good day!**

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Honey, time marches on and eventually you realize it is marchin' across your face...**

I looked at myself this morning and I realized that all the things happening in my life are marching over my face. I am wrinkled, have bags under my eyes, cellulite that won't quit, a belly that frightens small children and age spots instead of freckles.  My chicken neck and double chin make me physically cringe. I am sad about this. I realize we all age but I didn't think that turning forty in October meant I actually, physically turned forty. What happened to my smooth skin? My young hands?

My life is full of obstacles these days: constant driving, working with little to no results, growing children who seem to constantly act like teenagers. I smile, but do I do it enough? Should I? Does that cause more wrinkles?

I don't mind being older, but I truly don't want to look it. Getting back in our house won't make me look younger. Spending less time in the car won't take away the bags and extremely alarming crows feet. Selling a million dollar contract to a large corporation won't make the thing hanging under my neck suddenly disapper.

I am older. I have never been the prettiest in the room, so it's not like all of the sudden I was the beauty queen or supermodel and now I am the dowdy old woman who never gets a 2nd glance. It depresses me and makes me think about lifting this, suctioning that and implanting those. Will I do any of these? Of course not. My husband wouldn't allow it, even if we could afford it. My father would have a coronary on the spot. My mother, oh the look I would get if I even mentioned such procedures in a serious way. My sister, well my sister would probably see if we could get a two for one deal, but it still would never happen.

I am the way I am. What do I do to change this? I don't know. Dr. Google only knows what to sell me not how to change me.

I can start exercising more. Ok, I will start doing this.
I can eat better, and not late at night. Ok I will start doing this.
I can wear more sunscreen. Ok, I will start doing this.
I can stop stressing out about everything and start enjoying life more. Ok, I will start doing this.

WHEN WE GET BACK IN OUR HOUSE, I WILL START DOING ALL OF THIS! Jeff and I have spent a lot of time talking about how our return to our HOME will be a rebirth of sorts. It will essentially be a new home. We will be essentially new people. We will be happier and healthier.

We are all excited about getting home. I am not sure anyone is more excited than me. The new me is ready to emerge from the darkness.


** The title of this post is from the great Truvy (Dolly Parton) in Steel Magnolias. It is one of my favorite movies of all time.  I could not find the quote on YouTube, so I am sharing you two others. Both apply to me. Not just today, just most days! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On empty...

Today, I am on empty. No words, no energy and no motivation. Maybe it is the four and a half hours I spent in the car attempting to run errands, but instead stalled in traffic. Maybe it is the heat.

Today, I am on empty. Tomorrow, I hope to be full.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

On a blog vacation...

Sorry folks, blog is closed for a while.  Those of you loyal readers (hi mom!) are sad, I know, but I just don't have the mental bandwith to blog these days.  So very much going on personally, and I seem to spend a massive amount of time driving. 

I promise to be back.  When, I don't know.  But check back every once in a blue moon and I will be here.