Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rainy day with entertainment...

Tonight is rainy and yucky. Got some food delivered by Jeff, the husband, since he was already out in the rain. Kids in bed early and I am about to hunker down with the TV and a book.

Instead of a bunch of my words to keep you entertained, may I present Miss Lilly...

And yes, her shirt is too small and although you can't see, she is wearing sparkly Mary Janes with corduroy leggings. If nothing else, she knows her mind and her fashion! In addition to looking great, she is dancing in front of the sea lions on Pier 39. (There are a few, even after the great Sea Lion exodus of 2009.)

Also, please go check out IAmBossy. Even now, thinking of her post today, I am beside myself with laughter! SMILES ALL AROUND FOR I AM BOSSY!

Another thing I found out today is that the world is small. Very small. The interwebs make it smaller, but the people you end up knowing through some random event amazes me every time it happens.

Keep checking back to see how the business2blogger is treating me. This is an opportunity for my writing and to expand my visibility. I have a great feeling about this one!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

loved Lilly dancing with/for the few sea lions who have returned to
SF, checked out Bossy and her
ice skating expertise. Good luck
with your business2blogger adventure - read all about it.
looks great! love reading your blog each night. don't stop!