Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl, Green Chilie and Friends....

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Seanyboy Green Chili Cookoff and Superbowl Extravaganza. I am quite a tired puppy today, and in honor of this exhaustion, enjoy pictures commemorating the event.

Our Fearless Host - SeanyBoy

The Great Green Chili Cookoff

The Winner!
However, he flew his mom in from Colorado and I think everyone voted for him because his mom was there. Yes, this is why we lost!

Lilly loves a party!

Really? Seriously, how cute are my boys?

We all had a great time. I do think that the Superbowl should be on Saturdays. This way we can spend Sundays recovering instead of working. After we go to church of course! I would like to thank all of our wonderful, childless friends who gladly played and put up with James and Lilly while trying to enjoy the football game. Jeff and I continue to be blessed with people who have hearts for our kids and even us.

Now on a more serious note. I wrote a few weeks ago about my father-in-law's gift of packing and shipping boxes. Please view the package I received today. There was twine AND a paperclip. I'll admit, I was a little frightened a tiny horse might be in there, but it was just my business cards. I tell you, this man, he's got a gift!

Business2Blogger started this morning with some GREAT offers. I am not able to get in on any of them today, but I can't tell you how excited I am about what the future holds, not just for me, but for all the bloggers out there looking for exposure. This is exciting stuff!
Business 2 Blogger


Anonymous said...

great pics from the party. I think
the winner got the sympathy vote because his mom was there. Moms are great for that! Good luck with
the Business2Blogger - sounds like you are pretty excited about it!
The wrapping for the business cards
must be the prize winner - such
effort the man puts into the wrappings. He is amazing!

Anonymous said...

So great to be back on the campus. Lilly had her Valentine manicure. The folks at the "Finger Spa" love to see Lilly. We have to support the little people and this is amazing: Lilly and I showed up about 1130. We were her first customers. And, we hadn't been in there any time when two customers came in. We always bring them luck they say. Lilly and I immediately went to Safeway and donated twice the amount for her manicure to the children of Haiti.

Anonymous said...

that title should have been mine!!