Friday, February 5, 2010

Ok, that was disgusting...

We have a pretty regimented schedule for the evening around here. Ok, not regimented, but a schedule of sorts. I cook, Lilly takes a bath, we eat and then James bathes and then everyone goes to bed. All of this happens usually by 7pm. I know, it is obnoxiously early, but this seems to be what works for us. James has taken on the horrible habit of waking up at 5:45am every morning, so we will be tweaking the times over the course of the next few months, but for now, this is how the evening goes.

It is not all glitter and gold, however. Lilly LOVES to stay up later than allowed. To achieve this goal, she will get up to go to the bathroom, sing in bed and her favorite of all time, CALL MAMAMAMAMAMAMA or DADDYDADDYDADDYDADDY every five seconds until someone comes down to see what she wants. Usually it is that she needs a new stuffed animal to sleep with or her sheet is wrinkled the wrong way or she is having a bad dream which is impossible because she hasn't been to sleep yet. So, I implemented a new rule. ONLY CALL IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY. Well, that lasted one night. Lilly said, "Mom, it is an emergency!" I went running to see what was wrong, and needless to say the emergency involved a premie Cabbage Patch Doll and her hair.

Last night, we ate and the kids were headed to bed early, because, well, because James was in a horrible mood and Lilly was being four! So we ate take out, got on our pjs and headed to bed. James was dead to the world by 6:05 and Lilly was ready for slumber by 6:30. Then she started calling. Mommy, my belly hurts. Well, I didn't believe her. I was convinced she was playing us. We tried to get her to settle down, and then we talked. She said, I don't want to sleep, just rest. She kept calling, I kept getting a tad bit more irritated. Finally, an hour and a half later, I got her out of bed and told her that if her belly really hurt she should try to go potty. Then, I went into a lecture about how if you aren't sick, you shouldn't pretend to be sick just to stay awake longer. It was at this particular second that she projectile vomited all over me. Not once, not twice but three times. Then she got my feet. Then the entire bathroom floor. It was awesome. Jeff took the time to giggle at me a little because he heard my lecture. Well, the joke's on him because he had to clean up the bathroom. Ok, this isn't even true because I still had to give Lilly a shower because she was covered, and my hair was soaked and I needed a fire hose as well. It was gross, and I felt bad. She was 100% fine after, and she got to sleep in our bed 1/2 the night and stay home from school and watch tv all day. Life is funny! And gross.

And in case I didn't feel guilty enough, here she is sleeping in our bed. She looks pitiful.

I just want to throw this out there as well because I have been very disturbed/moved/confused by this blog. I have been reading her for a while, and when I found her it was from a link through @ Pioneer Woman. I cast no dispersions about this PW woman. I read her for recipes and funny anecdotes about her life on her ranch. I don't know her, will never be friends with her but I find her blog entertaining. I also find this wonderful woman, TheBloggess, entertaining for completely different reasons and no, I probably won't ever be friends with her either but I read her blog because it is entertaining. I don't look to the blogosphere for life direction. I don't need help with my spiritual growth. I WALK MY WALK and I don't offer advice to others on how to experience their own journey.

It was this particular post that threw me for such a loop. Here, this woman went from spending a weekend at PW's house, or ranch or whatever, to walking through a book store giggling while she hid the PW's cookbook. I don't understand. This is not about me taking sides. This is just being confused. Should I be outraged at something PW did? Should I be outraged at MSF? I think I might be taking this all a little too serious. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I am a nosy person, so maybe this is why I am so disturbed. There is no real explanation, at least that I will ever know, and just because you blog, does that mean you have to explain your whole life? NO, IT DOES NOT.

OVER IT! Will move on to the next thing I find interesting. Like, why is my son's hair growing this way?

And no, this isn't James, this is a child from (yes, I know). However, James' hair has the potential to look like this. So far we avoid this by using the flobee (just kidding).

I am looking forward to next week for many reasons! I'll be waiting to see what business2blogger has in store and what my other job holds. Should be an interesting one!
Business 2 Blogger

Everyone out there, have a fabulous weekend! I plan on it!


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Anonymous said...

very entertaining - you do blogging
with a great flair. you can take
an event - projectile vomiting -
and make it colorful and interesting. Quite a skill!
Thanks, enjoy reading it each evening.