Monday, February 15, 2010

I am moving....

We are taking this happymommyblog to a whole new level, or at least a new address. As soon as I figure out my new "home," I will post a permanent link here for you to follow.

But for now, I leave you with this. A COYOTE WAS IN OUR BACK YARD! A Coyote. It could eat my children, if I ever let them go outside and play around our house, or it could eat our cat. Well, probably not our cat, because Izzy is a 104 year old outside cat who will live forever!

Photographic Proof of the Coyote is below. I realize IT is a necessary living being, but I find it gross, and I would prefer it not be in our backyard. I much prefer the deer in the backyard. Haven't seen the deer in a while. Hmmm, oh my Lord, do you think the coyote ate the deer?

Here IT is after IT saw me.

Here IT is sauntering around like it owns the world.

And still, just sauntering around the hill like IT has all day!

I am not the biggest fan of outdoorsy things, or nature in general. I mean I love nature. I appreciate it. I am in awe of the beauty of nature and I am part of preserving it. However, I don't really like being in it or OBSERVING IT FROM MY BACK DECK IN THE FORM OF A COYOTE THAT MIGHT EAT A BABY, OR MY CAT.

And poor Bubba, our dog. I just let him out for a bathroom break. I truly hope he is ok.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Those photos are amazing. I don't think I have heard of a coyote in Mill Valley, but, definitely have heard of red foxes
on decks of homes around your
area. Whoa - keep the kids locked up. Good luck on your move!