Saturday, November 12, 2011

You know that moment?...

I looked around this evening at my beautiful house, my healthy children (well, except for Lilly who seems to have come down with the plague) and my husband who loves me and I wondered how I got so lucky. Then, I looked at my schedule, my contacts and my social life and I was sad.

I get bogged down in life and circumstances and I am faced with the fact that I am constantly left out of the loop and I'm not important enough to be considered for a social event, or a night on the town. Does this matter to me? Should it? YES IT DOES. 

Right now I feel the exact same way I felt in 5th, 7th, 8th grades, all of high school and the first three years of college. I am sad. Actually really sad.

But oh well. I will wake up tomorrow and my kids will need me. My husband will love me and still, my house will be beautiful.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just like my dad...

I haven't written a damn thing down in over two months. I haven't blogged about life, my children or the state of affairs. How many people want to listen to me moan about my brand new house? How many people want to read about my first world problems? Who, in their right mind, wants to be part of my pity party. NO ONE. I don't even want to be part of it.

Tonight, I learned a lesson. And I am better for it, and a tad bit poorer. (Sorry Jeff!)

I took James to dinner. We sat, ate, played on the ipad and reveled in the fact that our lives are not so hard. Well, James is 3 so his life is never too hard. How many 3 year olds get to say that?

We watched 46 high school seniors sit down at the tables surrounding us. They were dressed in prom like attire and were clearly reveling in the fact that they were in the "fancy" restaurant. This restaurant was my everyday, let's avoid it at all costs, restaurant.

These high school aged children, ages 16 - 18 have spent the last year raising money to tour California looking at colleges and lifestyles. These kids were beautiful and they made me cry.

I have never wanted for anything. The kids I watched tonight in the restaurant???? The rest of their lives will be a struggle. Will anyone care about them?

No one cared enough about those children abused by "Mr." Sandusky at Penn State. Who is caring about the thousands, most likely millions of nameless children around the globe who HAVE NO ONE?

Tonight I watched ten tables of young people on their best behavior. They raised hundreds of dollars to visit the colleges around my area in hopes of finding a place to belong.

I "gifted" a size able amount of money towards those young people's dinner. You know why? Because I could. My dad taught me to do this: GIVE.