Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Locust Are Leaving...

They aren't fully gone but I did manage to get up, clean the house and spray every single thing with Lysol. I realize I am a wimp, and in some ways a coward. I can't bear flu without collapsing in bed with thoughts of my next life. It is ridiculous beyond belief and when I think of the men and women I have known, and not known, who have battled real sickness and some have won and some have sadly lost, I get off my ass and change the sheets and hug my children, then put sanitizer on my hands and forget my sniffles and achy body.

Recently, we received word that a friend is battling rectal cancer and because I know this woman's attitude and way with all things, I am 100% sure cancer will run from her, not her from it! Her strength is already awe inspiring. She is sharing her story on her own blog. Read it, be inspired and send all thoughts and prayers her way. Her son is three months older than James and we share the bond of friendship and mommyhood. She stares cancer in the face and walks toward victory. I run from sniffles. I have a lot to learn from this brave woman and all people who have battled debilitating and life threatening diseases!

Hug your loved ones, your children and all your friends. Embrace what you have and be proud of your life. I remember this today, even though my head hurts and I just want to go back to bed.


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Anonymous said...

good blog! Your friend is very
brave, her blog is inspiring and
we hope and pray for her full recovery. She is standing tall and
fighting. That's great! Hey, feel
better tomorrow - and have a great day - lysol and sanitizer in your
purse! You are WOMAN!

Anonymous said...

Cancer takes over one's life. And, with the insideous disease, that fact has to be accepted. And, so we support the best we can. It is not what can I do for you but tell me what I need to do. I've discovered that it is very hard to know what to do and say. The only thing I know is to do the best we can; don't withdrawn, however, and blogging is a terrific thing for your friend. God bless her.