Sunday, February 28, 2010

I should be watching hockey.....

Jeff is a huge sports fan. Man would watch pinball if they showed it on ESPN. To say he loves football and hockey, however, would be like saying the world is round. HE LOVES THESE TWO SPORTS! He plays team hockey once a week himself, and the brotherhood among hockey players no matter what the level seems so strong. I won't mention that Jeff is lying on the couch with his slippers on while cheering on the US, no I will not mention this. Of course, he won't mention that I am in bed, blogging while watching shows about bar food. I feel the same way about watching shows about food, as Jeff does about watching sports. Jeff feels competitive and proud. Me, I am just hungry.

I know you are wondering where the children are while we watch our TV. It is quiet time and nap time for the kids. Lilly is in her room doing quiet things and James is sleeping. If we are lucky, we get two hours of this wonderful, golden time. Today, Lilly is sick. Woke in the middle of the night screaming about being hot, and then this morning, she said her throat hurt. Well, it hurt until I told her we couldn't go to our playdate, church and the farmers market. Suddenly she was fine. But her little cheeks were flush and although she was burning up she had goose bumps. And remember the last time I didn't believe her about being sick. Not doing that again!

Once she realized we weren't going anywhere, she accepted that she would be spending the day under the covers watching tv and having mommy put her hand on her head every twenty-two seconds. Needless to say, she has said some funny things while we were cuddling. These cute, and sometimes insulting statements reminded me of this poet I saw on PBS. I know, weird that I was watching PBS, but I was.

This author, Naomi Shihab Nye pulled together a poem of things her son said between the ages of two and three.

After I saw this program, I started collecting statements from my kids.

Um, so far what I have does not constitute poetry.
- I know how to use all my bones (Lilly)
- Mama, peeaboo, I see u (James)
- My eyeballs hurt (Lilly)
- I diaper (James, and I consider this quite an accomplishment!)
It will continue to be a work in progress.



Friday, February 26, 2010

Reading is fundamental...

I have always loved a good book. I read so many in college that were hard and wonderful and thought provoking. Now, like my love of all things PBS and Golden Girls, I enjoy books that are funny, mystery of nature and almost always end up happy, or at least resolved. Occasionally, I do like to read novels that make me think and some that are truly sentimental. These are few and far between. Here is my confession: I end up reading the end of a book if it becomes to stressful for me. I do return and finish reading the whole book, but I know the ending and that makes it easier. Reading is a pleasure, especially when I read a book in a day and then sigh at the end because I am happy. I haven't done enough of this lately.

My time is spent blogging, reading blogs, keeping up with celebrity nonsense on too many sites and doing those other silly things I do. You know, those children who accompany me most everywhere and there's my husband who loves me and sometimes requires I pay attention to him. Oh, and I work. So certainly, I find it important to incorporate reading into my day. Why wouldn't I?

So here is the story of how I tried to reintroduce books to my life.

The kids and I went to dinner after Lilly's ballet class at the early hour of 4pm. Yes, 4pm. Don't judge. We were hungry, and I haven't showered in a couple of days so I knew we wouldn't run in to anyone, so 4pm it was. Well, turns out an entire basketball team, all the cheerleaders and all twelve of their coaches and said coaches wives and children waltzed through the door five minutes after we were seated. Did I mention it was raining all day and there was a close call on my life driving around town in the worst rain storm where I couldn't see the road and that I burst into tears because I was so scared? By the time all these lovely teenagers and very tall adults meandered into CPK, my eyes may have been going in different directions and my hair was so frizzy, I may have frightened everyone. All was fine though and we had a nice leisurely meal. No one threw anything and the kids colored and cleaned their plates, which is almost unheard of with both of my kids at the same time. I must say also, that the basketball team and group of cheerleaders from Mt. Eden Monarchs were very well behaved. I was so impressed, I might even write a letter to the school to tell them how proud they should be of their young people. It was nice to see.

So back to my point, while eating dinner I remembered I had a gift card to Barnes and Noble and it was still early since we ate, you know, at 4pm. The store is right next door and we could just saunter over there and browse, spend some time in the childrens' section and I could get a few books and magazines. What a fabulous idea!

This is what happens when you go to Las Vegas for four days and then try to reenter real life. Um, hello reality. We entered the book store with me chasing James and trying to hold him while he picked up four bridal magazines and threw them on the floor. I should have run for the car then. Instead, I told the kids to play quietly on the bench for three minutes so I could get two magazines. That went well. Then we headed to the train table. By this time, I was hurling myself on top of books and cards and magazines in hopes of stopping James from ruining every display. Lilly, in all her princessness proceeded along as if she would die of embarrasement because her mom's hair was so crazy and she appeared to be dripping with sweat so bad that she couldn't see.

Playtime was over when James decided to poop all over his clothes. For some crazy reason I had extra pants and after a trip to the bathroom to clean him up and gather my thoughts (ha), we headed to the bargain bin just in case. Lilly ended up with flash cards and I got three books. Had no idea what they were until we got home. Turns out I've read two of them. The other one is sixty-two pages long. At least it wasn't raining. Until we got home and I had to drag myself , all our stuff , and both kids up thirty-one stairs.

I WILL READ my sixty-two pages. But, I'll probably start at the end and work my way back.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

My manicure.....

I will not post tonight, as previously stated because I am still recovering from a four day convention in Las Vegas. I worked very hard and made some great contacts, but I also enjoyed Las Vegas. Who has conferences in Las Vegas? It is a HARD city in which to go to bed early and get up even earlier to meet and greet and be productive. I did manage to have some great meetings, network with potential customers and enjoy seeing cultural events along with being around a proud, productive group of businesses and people!

I must get my fancy convention, Las Vegas nail polish off and continue to rest. Traveling, working and enjoying myself took a toll and I am tired. I did come home to happy children, a clean house and NO DIRTY LAUNDRY. I am a lucky lady!

Happymommyblog will return....

We will return to our regular ol' writing schedule this weekend with stories of conferences, Las Vegas and airports. Quite a four day event. I miss sharing my adventures and look forward to getting it all down! Until then, group hug!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

What does one say about Vegas....

It is like the Twilight Zone. You land, you spend money and then you get your room. For now, I am in my room, reveling in the networking and done with the crazy from downstairs. I have three days left. I am alone, and let's be honest, I MISS MY PEEPS. My babies are with others. I am about to relish my time alone. Hello, Olympics, room service and quiet.

My trip, so far...


View from my room. It is 59 degrees outside, but look, a pool!

My Convention! YEAH!

The Reason I am here!

The Reason I am not here!

Hello Room Service and sleep!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have voices in my head....

Turns out, I am constantly writing: blogs, books, movie reviews, menus or whatever. All these years I thought the voices were my crazy self coming to light, but turns out I might just be a writer. I missed putting my thoughts to blog yesterday and I found myself "writing" in my head all day. At the park, while talking and even when I WAS NOT gossiping with one of my partners in crime about the people we encountered. Then I read a tweet (and yes, I tweet, cuz you know I have NOTHING else going on in my life) by @?. I can't find the tweet anymore, but she said, and I am sure it is a she, "I am not a blogger, I am a writer who blogs." I shall take pride in this and if I can't blog everyday because I am tired, or because I just don't feel like it, this is ok. No one is going to fire me, or abandon me. I am fine with missing a day or two and when I return, I can take all my thoughts and put them to "paper." I will enjoy my writing ride with an obligation to myself to write funny stuff, thoughtful prose and stories of life.

And about my move. It is way to much work for now. So, here I remain until I have time to set up themes, and figure out statistics and quiet the voices telling me to stop all the madness.

Headed to Las Vegas tomorrow for a four day conference. There will be much to write about and since I will be alone on the plane, in my hotel and while eating, I am sure to have lots to share. Please send good thoughts to my husband and my parents as they watch little ones, shuffle them back and forth and PLEASE let James behave on Tuesday so Jeff can work and not be stressed! I have never been away from either of my children for this long. I know it will be fine but I will miss them. And Jeff too!

And if you have any type of fire emergency, Lilly is your gal!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

A breather....

What a day! The car died, the Waac Waac saved us and the fog hasn't left all day. That is the extent of what I have to write today. Except for this....

I am taking a blogging breather. I LOVE to write about my days, and the experiences I have with my children and my husband and my dog, and the cat with about 300 lives and the cars and the people and my silliness and the coyote. I gain great pleasure from it all. However, lately it has felt like an obligation. Maybe it is because I started thinking about how to make money from it, or because I wanted to move it to a more high profile address. Whatever the reason, I feel I need to take a break. Not forever, and knowing me, just until tomorrow. I am quite the drama queen whose mind changes from second to second.

I promise not to be away long, maybe just a day, but maybe a week. I will transition to my new address, however, and not because of anything other than being able to control my site better than I can here.

While I am gone, take some time to read my favorites! These women and men inspire me to write, to live larger and laugh more.

- My friend, Keely, continues to document her fight with cancer. Please read, send prayers and remember to enjoy life. She does!

- Aiming Low: These women write about being moms and running households and working. They are funny, raunchy and honest. (No Faint of Hearts or people who don't like cussing...)

- I Am Bossy: Not sure what to say about this woman. She is FUNNY! Her youtube video of ice skating was so memorable.

- Pioneer Woman: She writes about her decade-long transition from spoiled city girl to domestic country wife. I love her cooking section and every once in a while I attempt something from either her cookbook, her website or her cooking blog, The Tasty Kitchen.

- The Bloggess: She in inappropriate and hysterical. I sometimes try to figure out how her husband deals with her writing, and it just cracks me up! (Also, not for the Faint of Hearts. Just a warning!)

- I'll Flip You for Real: She is Beth Spotswood! Living in the mission, taking on San Francisco one political and social event after another as she stalks Gavin Newsom. Funny, real and worth every single second of reading!


Airborne Press: The commentary, the blogs and the book information. It is my favorite place to go for everything I need!

See you all soon!

Much love!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Late evening for work event so not enough energy for full blog. However, I am having an evening in which I feel empowered by who I am and what I offer the world! Yeah me! Now, back to our regularly scheduled program!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haven't Packed the Boxes Yet....

I made this proclamation yesterday about my big move. So far, I have done NOTHING. Oh well, I will start the process soon enough. Right in between caring for my kids, my husband, my pets and my house. Also, I have a job that is starting to require some major attention. Now, if it would just bring in the bacon I could relax! HA! Usually once the money starts happening, the real stress begins. Great!

I have very little to report on my coyote sighting. EXCEPT for this development.

Look Here - Deer, more than one!

IT didn't eat the deer(s)((?))(((We don't put an "S" on the end of deer for plural deer do we? So confused. I could Google it, but I would get distracted like The Bloggess, and I just don't have it in me tonight.)

In honor of the deer(s?) we had a celebration of their still being alive. This was after Jeff stopped making fun of my excitement over the deer sightings and then proclaiming, "I'll bet you are going to blog about this aren't you?" He doesn't know me. He can't read my mind. Oh wait, yes, he can and he did. Great, just great!

Speaking of people we love, let's talk Valentine's Day. We had a good one. Crazy how much life changes as we get older and children are thrown in the mix. Instead of crazy love stuff happening on a Sunday afternoon, we spent some time with friends eating, drinking and having a grand ol' time. Lilly had fun with her friend from preschool, and to be honest, I think her face was flushed all afternoon. Maybe from running around like a crazy person, jumping in the bouncy house, or maybe, just maybe because she was in the room with a boy. Whose to know? It was cute, no matter what the reason.

So to all my loved ones; both family and friends, I send my love and my hugs and my best wishes. I see most of you often, some of you never but I love each of you. I don't need a "holiday" to remind me that you are important. I know this, always!

And everyone, remember this important message...


Business 2 Blogger

Monday, February 15, 2010

I am moving....

We are taking this happymommyblog to a whole new level, or at least a new address. As soon as I figure out my new "home," I will post a permanent link here for you to follow.

But for now, I leave you with this. A COYOTE WAS IN OUR BACK YARD! A Coyote. It could eat my children, if I ever let them go outside and play around our house, or it could eat our cat. Well, probably not our cat, because Izzy is a 104 year old outside cat who will live forever!

Photographic Proof of the Coyote is below. I realize IT is a necessary living being, but I find it gross, and I would prefer it not be in our backyard. I much prefer the deer in the backyard. Haven't seen the deer in a while. Hmmm, oh my Lord, do you think the coyote ate the deer?

Here IT is after IT saw me.

Here IT is sauntering around like it owns the world.

And still, just sauntering around the hill like IT has all day!

I am not the biggest fan of outdoorsy things, or nature in general. I mean I love nature. I appreciate it. I am in awe of the beauty of nature and I am part of preserving it. However, I don't really like being in it or OBSERVING IT FROM MY BACK DECK IN THE FORM OF A COYOTE THAT MIGHT EAT A BABY, OR MY CAT.

And poor Bubba, our dog. I just let him out for a bathroom break. I truly hope he is ok.

Business 2 Blogger

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a wonderful day...
Happy Valentine's Day! I will be back tomorrow with thoughts and musings of life and live! For tonight, I send you hugs and kisses! Have a safe, presidential Monday!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The day was busy with birthday parties, parking tickets, a non-eating child and now the Olympics. Life doesn't get much better than this! Happy Valentine's Day! You are all loved and appreciated! Group Hug to you all!


Friday, February 12, 2010

The Opening Ceremony...

I am so excited to watch the Olympics. For some reason I feel very proud right now, more proud than in the past. Is it because our country is in such turmoil? Is it because I spent THREE HOURS AT URGENT CARE WITH A SCREAMING 1 YEAR OLD? No, I am excited because this is historical. I will cry at every anthem, every story and love all athletes around the world!

And here we go..... and we stop. A death in connection with Olympic Competition on the Luge. Oh my, this is sad. Really really sad. I am thinking that maybe the Luge should be stopped on this crazy course, or at least lets build up the safety zone. What do I know, except a poor twenty-one year old Olympian is gone, and his family and team are mourning.

I will be watching the ceremonies, and I will be hoping there are no more tragedies and GO GEORGIANS! I WILL BE CHEERING YOU ON EACH STEP OF THE WAY!

I must go pay attention now, but I love Canada. I love the United States. I am feeling the love of all countries! All athletes! I am proud yet lazy; watching from my bed with laptop and i-phone in hand, but proud nonetheless!


Business 2 Blogger

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Locust Are Leaving...

They aren't fully gone but I did manage to get up, clean the house and spray every single thing with Lysol. I realize I am a wimp, and in some ways a coward. I can't bear flu without collapsing in bed with thoughts of my next life. It is ridiculous beyond belief and when I think of the men and women I have known, and not known, who have battled real sickness and some have won and some have sadly lost, I get off my ass and change the sheets and hug my children, then put sanitizer on my hands and forget my sniffles and achy body.

Recently, we received word that a friend is battling rectal cancer and because I know this woman's attitude and way with all things, I am 100% sure cancer will run from her, not her from it! Her strength is already awe inspiring. She is sharing her story on her own blog. Read it, be inspired and send all thoughts and prayers her way. Her son is three months older than James and we share the bond of friendship and mommyhood. She stares cancer in the face and walks toward victory. I run from sniffles. I have a lot to learn from this brave woman and all people who have battled debilitating and life threatening diseases!

Hug your loved ones, your children and all your friends. Embrace what you have and be proud of your life. I remember this today, even though my head hurts and I just want to go back to bed.


Business 2 Blogger

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Locust Landed....

I am sick. No writing, no pictures. Will be back in fighting form tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Disease...

My house is sick. Lilly's cough can be heard around the world. James has fluid running, no sprinting from his nose. I have the "feeling." Now, I always have this feeling if anyone else around me is sick. I take to bed and require being waited on nonstop. In fact, when you first meet me, I hand you card that has all this information on it. Like, I tend to be extremely grumpy in the morning. I love sleep. I eat extremely weird food. Oh, maybe it isn't a card as much as it is a guide to all things me. You poor people.

The whole point to this statement is I am tired. I need to rest in case the locust land on my face and give me some crazy disease, or if in fact, I actually get a head cold.

So, here is how Lilly spends her day being sick.

Our evening entertainment.

And this read from the weekend. So profound and true and inspiring.

Business 2 Blogger

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl, Green Chilie and Friends....

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Seanyboy Green Chili Cookoff and Superbowl Extravaganza. I am quite a tired puppy today, and in honor of this exhaustion, enjoy pictures commemorating the event.

Our Fearless Host - SeanyBoy

The Great Green Chili Cookoff

The Winner!
However, he flew his mom in from Colorado and I think everyone voted for him because his mom was there. Yes, this is why we lost!

Lilly loves a party!

Really? Seriously, how cute are my boys?

We all had a great time. I do think that the Superbowl should be on Saturdays. This way we can spend Sundays recovering instead of working. After we go to church of course! I would like to thank all of our wonderful, childless friends who gladly played and put up with James and Lilly while trying to enjoy the football game. Jeff and I continue to be blessed with people who have hearts for our kids and even us.

Now on a more serious note. I wrote a few weeks ago about my father-in-law's gift of packing and shipping boxes. Please view the package I received today. There was twine AND a paperclip. I'll admit, I was a little frightened a tiny horse might be in there, but it was just my business cards. I tell you, this man, he's got a gift!

Business2Blogger started this morning with some GREAT offers. I am not able to get in on any of them today, but I can't tell you how excited I am about what the future holds, not just for me, but for all the bloggers out there looking for exposure. This is exciting stuff!
Business 2 Blogger

Saturday, February 6, 2010

And she is my friend, and I am proud....

I have a friend who has been my friend since I was twelve. This is a rare thing in my life because I moved so much growing up, thank you to Uncle Sam, and after thirteen schools in twelve years, it became hard for me to attach myself to anything, much less friends. I am a grownup now, almost forty (help), but I still have few friends. I have many people in my life, peeps from all over town and country. But few, are my true friends that know everything about me and still love me. They have been with me through the skinnies, the fats, the drinks and the laughs. I am working on developing relationships with those who can put up with me and will call ME a friend. I am a journey, hard and fun all at once, but a journey none the less.

Today my longtime friend took time out of her day to go see my dad at his book signing. She won person of the day, and I love her for it!

Thank you Karen!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Ok, that was disgusting...

We have a pretty regimented schedule for the evening around here. Ok, not regimented, but a schedule of sorts. I cook, Lilly takes a bath, we eat and then James bathes and then everyone goes to bed. All of this happens usually by 7pm. I know, it is obnoxiously early, but this seems to be what works for us. James has taken on the horrible habit of waking up at 5:45am every morning, so we will be tweaking the times over the course of the next few months, but for now, this is how the evening goes.

It is not all glitter and gold, however. Lilly LOVES to stay up later than allowed. To achieve this goal, she will get up to go to the bathroom, sing in bed and her favorite of all time, CALL MAMAMAMAMAMAMA or DADDYDADDYDADDYDADDY every five seconds until someone comes down to see what she wants. Usually it is that she needs a new stuffed animal to sleep with or her sheet is wrinkled the wrong way or she is having a bad dream which is impossible because she hasn't been to sleep yet. So, I implemented a new rule. ONLY CALL IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY. Well, that lasted one night. Lilly said, "Mom, it is an emergency!" I went running to see what was wrong, and needless to say the emergency involved a premie Cabbage Patch Doll and her hair.

Last night, we ate and the kids were headed to bed early, because, well, because James was in a horrible mood and Lilly was being four! So we ate take out, got on our pjs and headed to bed. James was dead to the world by 6:05 and Lilly was ready for slumber by 6:30. Then she started calling. Mommy, my belly hurts. Well, I didn't believe her. I was convinced she was playing us. We tried to get her to settle down, and then we talked. She said, I don't want to sleep, just rest. She kept calling, I kept getting a tad bit more irritated. Finally, an hour and a half later, I got her out of bed and told her that if her belly really hurt she should try to go potty. Then, I went into a lecture about how if you aren't sick, you shouldn't pretend to be sick just to stay awake longer. It was at this particular second that she projectile vomited all over me. Not once, not twice but three times. Then she got my feet. Then the entire bathroom floor. It was awesome. Jeff took the time to giggle at me a little because he heard my lecture. Well, the joke's on him because he had to clean up the bathroom. Ok, this isn't even true because I still had to give Lilly a shower because she was covered, and my hair was soaked and I needed a fire hose as well. It was gross, and I felt bad. She was 100% fine after, and she got to sleep in our bed 1/2 the night and stay home from school and watch tv all day. Life is funny! And gross.

And in case I didn't feel guilty enough, here she is sleeping in our bed. She looks pitiful.

I just want to throw this out there as well because I have been very disturbed/moved/confused by this blog. I have been reading her for a while, and when I found her it was from a link through @ Pioneer Woman. I cast no dispersions about this PW woman. I read her for recipes and funny anecdotes about her life on her ranch. I don't know her, will never be friends with her but I find her blog entertaining. I also find this wonderful woman, TheBloggess, entertaining for completely different reasons and no, I probably won't ever be friends with her either but I read her blog because it is entertaining. I don't look to the blogosphere for life direction. I don't need help with my spiritual growth. I WALK MY WALK and I don't offer advice to others on how to experience their own journey.

It was this particular post that threw me for such a loop. Here, this woman went from spending a weekend at PW's house, or ranch or whatever, to walking through a book store giggling while she hid the PW's cookbook. I don't understand. This is not about me taking sides. This is just being confused. Should I be outraged at something PW did? Should I be outraged at MSF? I think I might be taking this all a little too serious. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I am a nosy person, so maybe this is why I am so disturbed. There is no real explanation, at least that I will ever know, and just because you blog, does that mean you have to explain your whole life? NO, IT DOES NOT.

OVER IT! Will move on to the next thing I find interesting. Like, why is my son's hair growing this way?

And no, this isn't James, this is a child from (yes, I know). However, James' hair has the potential to look like this. So far we avoid this by using the flobee (just kidding).

I am looking forward to next week for many reasons! I'll be waiting to see what business2blogger has in store and what my other job holds. Should be an interesting one!
Business 2 Blogger

Everyone out there, have a fabulous weekend! I plan on it!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rainy day with entertainment...

Tonight is rainy and yucky. Got some food delivered by Jeff, the husband, since he was already out in the rain. Kids in bed early and I am about to hunker down with the TV and a book.

Instead of a bunch of my words to keep you entertained, may I present Miss Lilly...

And yes, her shirt is too small and although you can't see, she is wearing sparkly Mary Janes with corduroy leggings. If nothing else, she knows her mind and her fashion! In addition to looking great, she is dancing in front of the sea lions on Pier 39. (There are a few, even after the great Sea Lion exodus of 2009.)

Also, please go check out IAmBossy. Even now, thinking of her post today, I am beside myself with laughter! SMILES ALL AROUND FOR I AM BOSSY!

Another thing I found out today is that the world is small. Very small. The interwebs make it smaller, but the people you end up knowing through some random event amazes me every time it happens.

Keep checking back to see how the business2blogger is treating me. This is an opportunity for my writing and to expand my visibility. I have a great feeling about this one!
Business 2 Blogger

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today, it was a great day!

Some days just work out well. Today was one of them. I cooked this for dinner, and it was pretty good, not great, but even James ate it.

I got a pretty amazing email in my work inbox. It makes me think that all of this may be worth it. I continue to pursue using my blog, my writing and basically my life as a way to market myself and my brand. Whatever that may be. All in all, TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!

Then, I got my lab results from my first ever grownup doctor's visit (yes, I will be 40 this year) that didn't involve a baby. I have very high cholesterol. 255. BUT I also have very high HDL , 99, which is the good stuff and is cardioprotective so all is good. Once again, I have no idea what this means but I think when the doctor puts a smiley face on the results this is good! My Blood sugar, liver function and kidney function are all in the normal range. BUT, I have extremely low Vitamin D, so I have to go on a month long prescription regimen. Now, of all the things that I thought my blood work would show, Vitamin D being abnormal was not at the top of my list. Needless to say, I am saddened that my blogging is about my cholesterol and my Vitamin D level. This just proves that I am old. Getting older by the minute and I have to take care of myself. If not for me, but for Jeff, Lilly and James.

Family, Work, Health and life is good! I am lucky!

Business 2 Blogger

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baking, and other pursuits of happiness....

I am in love with anything related to food tv. Not just the Food Network, but all the cooking shows on PBS as well as the food extravaganzas on the Travel Channel. Sometimes, you can find me watching QVC because they have hours of great food and equipment that I am sure I need and can not live without. Thankfully, I stop myself before buying anything because Jeff would have a coronary.

Now, let's keep in mind that watching food tv of any sort does not equal cooking at home. Up until James was born, I cooked, but I cooked Hamburger Helper on a regular basis and Cream of Mushroom Soup was a staple. Ok, not a staple, THE STAPLE. I still implement the use of these wonderful inventions every once in a while and they do have a prized place in my pantry, but I actually cook now. I bake. I truly enjoy my kitchen time.

This all started when James was about six months old. Prior to that I didn't know which way was up and the kitchen, was that a room in the house? When he emerged from his please kill me with forks in the eyeballs and bamboo underneath my fingernails stage of life, I learned to embrace my inner Julia. Stretching it a bit, but yes, I LOVE cooking. My kitchen isn't great, my equipment gets better each time I get a present of some sort for either aging or via Santa Claus!

Since January of 2009, this has been my go to for everything baking. I write ad nauseam here about how much I love ATK and Cook's Illustrated. Their no nonsense recipes and cookbooks really are my kitchen bibles. Now today, thanks to Pioneer Woman, I discovered the Ivory Hut, and a recipe for simple, artisanal bread. At this very moment I am attempting to recreate this pillowy goodness. If it works, I will be irritated. Good irritated, but irritated none the less. I have spent hours making bread. Days creating sponges and starters that gave me really good bread, but I was so exhausted, I didn't enjoy the results. Instead of baking, I could have spent hours reading, her, her, or her and even her! Oh wait, I also have a job which could use some attention and my children. I think my husband is around here somewhere. So this is why I love the internet. It takes me to the brink then brings me back with good ol' homemade bread in under a day!

A step by step update on the bread making process....

6:51 - dough not so easy to handle. Not looking good. Have to wait 40 minutes. YACK, very nervous.

6:58 - oh wait, not ready yet

While we wait, let's ponder my foray into the business2blogger arena. I have nothing to report, but in my humble opinion, this is a great thing. I have not been inundated with nonsense emails trying to sell me things or have me do more. Looks like this isn't a trick. It is a real chance for bloggers to get advertisers that are appropriate for their content and this is good for everyone! I am excited for the next step!

Back to the action...

7:08 - Timer goes off and I realize I didn't set the time for this part, so I reset the timer for the amount of time I think is left in this step!

7:18 - Dough in oven. Tad bit of a fight getting it in there, but I am excited to see if this works. We shall all sit on the edge of our seats for the next forty minutes. Or, we shall all go fold clothes and return when the timer beeps!

7:30 - Just yelled at dryer because clothes aren't dry and it must be broken, or I forgot to turn it on when I put the clothes in it. Either way, the clothes are still wet.

7:42 - Is time even moving?

7:54 - Woot Woot

7:59 - Are we still cooking bread?

8:00 - Timer, and it looks like BREAD!
I can't believe it actually worked. So many things were working against me, like I didn't exactly have the right amount of all purpose flour, so I substituted Bread Flour, and I didn't have regular yeast, only rapid rise yeast. But still. I got beautiful bread. Thank you, The Ivory Hut. I will try this again soon with ALL the right ingredients and kitchenware.

Now I am off to eat bread and not fold clothes because the clothes ARE STILL WET!


Business 2 Blogger

Monday, February 1, 2010

business2blogger and oh, another monday...

Today was one of those days that makes you want to go back to bed for a repeat. Ok, not the whole day, just the morning. Jeff is wonderful enough to get James up with him at 6am if James is awake and screaming DADADADADADA. This morning started this way. Then the whining began at 7am because Lilly had to go downstairs, get dressed and comb her hair. She doesn't want to wear that coat, only the other coat which really is for a one year old according to her (but really it is for a six year old, which would be more irritating in MY mind, but anyway.) By the time the lunch was packed, the kids in the car and I was ready for a full day of work, my brain had melted right along with my disposition. So to all the lucky people who came in contact with me prior to 1pm, I am sorry. I blame it on little children.

Really trying to figure out what to do with all this writing/blogging I share with the world as of late. Do I continue to market myself and my family and the hilarity that ensues? I have the Google Adsense Ads to the side and so far, I have made .14 cents. Hawaii here we come.

I am a dedicated reader of blogs and I see what can happen, not only financially, but on a bigger scale when people share their lives, triumphs and failures. This is my first step to seeing if I have a place in the blogging world, both for my readers, and let's be honest, for myself.

I share the blogs I read on a regular basis through my posts. Most funny, some informative and a few political; almost all a combination of these three. I have decided to join a number of these wonderful writers in a business venture: Business2Blogger. I absolutely love reading the blogs by the writers who developed this business idea, June Cleaver Nirvana, HalfTimeLessons and BlahBlahBlog. Whether it works for me or not, it will a hoot to try! Wish Me Luck!

Business 2 Blogger