Sunday, February 28, 2010

I should be watching hockey.....

Jeff is a huge sports fan. Man would watch pinball if they showed it on ESPN. To say he loves football and hockey, however, would be like saying the world is round. HE LOVES THESE TWO SPORTS! He plays team hockey once a week himself, and the brotherhood among hockey players no matter what the level seems so strong. I won't mention that Jeff is lying on the couch with his slippers on while cheering on the US, no I will not mention this. Of course, he won't mention that I am in bed, blogging while watching shows about bar food. I feel the same way about watching shows about food, as Jeff does about watching sports. Jeff feels competitive and proud. Me, I am just hungry.

I know you are wondering where the children are while we watch our TV. It is quiet time and nap time for the kids. Lilly is in her room doing quiet things and James is sleeping. If we are lucky, we get two hours of this wonderful, golden time. Today, Lilly is sick. Woke in the middle of the night screaming about being hot, and then this morning, she said her throat hurt. Well, it hurt until I told her we couldn't go to our playdate, church and the farmers market. Suddenly she was fine. But her little cheeks were flush and although she was burning up she had goose bumps. And remember the last time I didn't believe her about being sick. Not doing that again!

Once she realized we weren't going anywhere, she accepted that she would be spending the day under the covers watching tv and having mommy put her hand on her head every twenty-two seconds. Needless to say, she has said some funny things while we were cuddling. These cute, and sometimes insulting statements reminded me of this poet I saw on PBS. I know, weird that I was watching PBS, but I was.

This author, Naomi Shihab Nye pulled together a poem of things her son said between the ages of two and three.

After I saw this program, I started collecting statements from my kids.

Um, so far what I have does not constitute poetry.
- I know how to use all my bones (Lilly)
- Mama, peeaboo, I see u (James)
- My eyeballs hurt (Lilly)
- I diaper (James, and I consider this quite an accomplishment!)
It will continue to be a work in progress.




Anonymous said...

The US Hockey team with Silver. USA, USA, USA!! Jeff so loves Hockey. I remember getting up at 0530 on a Sat to go to the rink. A man has got to have his passions! Love your blog!! GrannPa.

Anonymous said...

great blog! Go USA - great game
played with such spirit. Even I,
who knows nothing about Hockey, loved it. Hope Lilly is well by
the am -

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jeff. Life is hard but a good game.
We can't say, "wait to next year. "
And, so, about the only thing I can do is
quote one of favorite sayings:

"When that great scorer comes
to mark against your name,
It matters not that you won or lost
but how you played the game."

Doubt seriously if the US hockey
team get much comfort from the above.