Monday, June 28, 2010

In the office and should be working...

Update:  Fixed the link below....

Weekends are exhausting and I will have no energy to relive our very tiring Saturday and Sunday in pictures and words.  Instead, I share this with you...

As I was moaning and groaning and trying to get the kids out of the house and into the car to school and to the grandparents and I forgot most everything about what was happening today, I suddenly remembered this woman's story.  I am grateful for having the chance to be annoyed at my kid for putting on flip flops for school, or getting up too early.  My children are healthy and loved.  My life and my family's life is a pure blessing.  I need to remember this always and often.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Times, they are beautiful...

Today was Lilly's last day of regular preschool.  She is about to be five, and a teenager all at once.  We are lucky these last two years have been spent in the company of wonderful, caring and smart teachers.  She prospered because she is smart, but being smart means nothing if you don't have great teachers.

Wonderful, giving and loving people.  

Then mommy had the chance to watch this...
The beauty of where we live...

And a Wonderful Friendship....
Combined with
Family, Friends and Smiles...
It's what makes the world go round....


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Working is hard....

This past week my life has been turned upside down. I am actually working a whole lot, like almost too often to nap.  Three whole days this week have passed with no nap.  What in the world is going on 'round here?

Since I have no pictures and nothing to say, I give you this.  Enjoy!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just a few pictures and a video...

A really long weekend has now ended.  We are tired. Jeff is playing hockey.  Today was Father's Day and James' birthday.  Taking care of the men in my life is exhausting! 

Jeff slept in for an hour or so and was forced into parenting on his most special day.  We had to celebrate James' birthday, and honestly, Mommy was really tired.  AND James received this lovely gift.  It is a thoughtful gift.  The kids love it.  BUT IT IS 6 FEET WIDE AND 3 FEET HIGH AND IT IS A JUMPY HOUSE FOR OUR LIVING ROOM.  I must be honest here:  it provided many hours of entertainment today and will do so for many months.  However, God love my in-laws, I think they chuckled when they bought it and the extra 100 Bouncy Balls.  Fun and mayhem all in two Amazon Boxes.
Um, this is bigger than a hot tub!

We took James to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate his day,
on Father's Day!
He had fun.  Jeff, maybe not so much.  
But Jeff was a trooper, as usual!
Lilly's Preschool end of the year party was on Saturday, even though we have five weeks to go because we are in Summer Fun Time!!!   Words can not express how much I love her preschool.

And as we end this weekend, we reflect.  In the middle of Chuck E Cheese, or on the way home in 2 hour long traffic.  We reflect:  We love our babies.  We love our husbands.  We love our dads.  We reflect.  Life is good.  We appreciate, always we appreciate.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Daytime Blogging...

Good Morning Peeps!
 Friday is Fabulous!
I have been running for seven weeks now and I can manage, kind of at least, twenty-five straight minutes without flailing about on the side of the road because it hurts so bad.  That doesn't happen until the five minute cool-down. 

I use the C25K app on my iphone to do interval training.  I have no desire to run a 5K, but the exercise does me well until late in the night when my hip hurts and I can't sleep.  Also, did you know running does not make you lose weight?  It makes you gain weight because of the whole muscle more than fat thing.  Annoying.

Our First Pool Day
Oh look, my toe.  Can't show anymore due to the whole weight gain by running torture thing.
And yes, James is wearing a speedo.  Don't judge.

Getting ready for a run with his crazy mama.
I lost the sun shade thingy for the stroller, so he is styling in his DirecTv ball cap!
(not being compensated by DirecTv, just have the hat.)

Would you look at these two?  
They will be BFFs their entire life and I love it!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Be safe and remember who you are.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Techie Fun and other info....

Kind of like the internet, Social Media isn't going away.  For those of you in the "know" it is like second nature.  But for people like me, it is a foreign language, A LATIN if you will.

I can never figure out why when I tweet, no one twats me back.  My facebook status is often in limbo with no likes and no comments.  How do I fix my wrongs and make them right?

Carrie Actually Has the Answer.... At least she has a list to help get your digital life in order.

I met Carrie the other evening at a BLOGALICIOUSSF and CleverGirls experience and not only did I enjoy her in person, I have embraced her writing.  She has everything you need to know about organizing your digital life.  Take a gander.

And for one of my very favorite loved ones leaving tomorrow on a jet plane:  Be Careful.  Have safe travels and remember who you are.  We love you and cherish you and are already ready to have you home safe.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A day and a half.....

The emotions surrounding the day are really indescribable.  There are only pictures....
Ok, just kidding, but right about now, this is how I feel!
which is brought to you by...

My wonderful family just got a new member.  SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL AND LOVED!

Welcome to the world Baby R....
You are so loved!

Your Mommy  and Daddy...
In awe...

Your Auntie/Cousin/Crazy Relative
So Much Love....

And then there is this....
Pretty Sure he loves you too, but he is crazy!

New life brings such happiness and full circles and many words I can not express now.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clever Girls and I am beyond happy....

I had the PRIVILEGE of meeting the women of CleverGirls and all the blogger followers this afternoon at my first Blogger meet-up.  I was surrounded by the smart, the beautiful and the gifted.  They were everywhere, and I WAS ONE OF THEM!

I meet a famous person!
Kim Coles and her Marketing Guru, Jasmine Powers

I held court with the CleverGirls!
The Famous KristySF and me

Someone from my hometown
Who knew there were so many talented women in our little valley?

I met CarrieActually who will change the world with her experience. I wish I had a picture, but I was too inspired to sit still or shut up long enough.  I know, weird.

And I met these wonderful women, Grace and Ana.  My goodness, the power in one room was mind boggling.

I met so many women who set the world on fire with their words and their actions.  I was lucky enough to be in the same room with them all this afternoon.



Friday, June 11, 2010


Today was so beautiful and enchanting.  One of those days that remind me how lucky I am to be surrounded by water and landmarks and places that defy description.  While looking about, I once again thought of mamapundit and her Henry.  Recently, people have begun taking pictures from around the world in rememberance of this loved and missed child. 

With the help of my lovely assistant Lilly, here is our tribute.

The Golden Gate Bridge

A View of the City

From our hearts in San Francisco, to Katie Granju and her family.
We pray for peace and Healing!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Growing up...

This week has been a lesson in watching those I love grow up and become bigger.  As parents, aunts and friends we watch our little ones mature into individuals who walk to the beat of their own drummer.  They think for themselves, care for themselves and generally make a difference in the lives of those around them.

This week, I watched Lilly take x-rays without me.

She was a trooper!

I watched my niece graduate from 8th grade.

This was her a million years ago.

Now she gives speeches in front of hundreds of people.

There are no words to describe how much we love our Lupe.  She is warm, giving, smart and beautiful.  The things she will do! 

We just watch....

And we will empower!  She is going to conquer the world.

We embrace the growth, enjoy the past and savor what the future brings.  I remember the loss others have endured.  I can only think of the future and hope that all my loved ones continue to prosper. Lessons are learned.  The changes we make today will impact the future.  It has to.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

A new vision....

For the last few weeks I have been somewhat consumed with the pain and suffering of others.  The sadness took over me and there was little besides regular life that I thought of than the hard lives of others.  It dawned on me this morning after flipping out over the fact that I gained four pounds that I haven't really been living IN my own life.  I have been looking through the periphery and forgetting to appreciate the greatness that surrounds me.  I will continue to mourn for others' pain and loss.  I will pray for them every day.  But, I am going to watch my kids more, kiss my husband often and be HERE for it all.

James "graduated" to the toddler Sunday School.
He is so paying attention!  Look at the concentration!

I like pizza...
I like licking pizza, not actually eating it.

Lilly and the birthday girl....
Phoebe and Lilly!!!
Princesses in training....


Saturday, June 5, 2010

News, and pictures....

Jeff and I found out today that a friend of ours has a daughter who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She is four years old.  She went in with a droopy eye and 24 hours later, she has undergone brain surgery and faces months of chemo and radiation.

Also, heavy on my mind is my friend Keely.  Our family friend Sharon is in my prayers every single second!  The Katie Granju family whom I don't even know is on my mind all the time.

James and his new girlfriend, Rachel...

James and watermelon...

My children....
My life...

And this, thank you Beth Spotswood whose new gig at CBS Eye on the Blogs brought us this....


Friday, June 4, 2010

I lost that inspiration....

Struggling for things to write about...Hope to be back next week.....

Many unhappy events lately.  Hard to find solace in blogging.

Here are a few smiles in the form of Lilly and James....

Always on stage, and always beautiful!

James' Schedule...
A man in the know...

As I write this MamaPundit continues to mourn.  Make your way through the hundreds of bloggers and social media sites that took her story of Henry and made it real.  Read these posts and remember this boy, and this family.  Not just today, but forever!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A loss....

I have lots to share about this weekend and Memorial Day, but today I mourn the loss of a teenage boy I didn't even know.  I have written about mampundit before and her son Henry's struggle after an overdose and beating.  Henry passed away this morning.  He was 18.

Please pray for this family and if so moved, donate to the family here as now they have insurmountable financial mountains to climb.  Or think about donating to the new fund established in honor of her son.  In the midst of her grief, she decided to start this fund to help those who do not have money to get the rehab needed for their children.  All of the information can be found here.

I look at my babies and I struggle to think that one day they will have the ability to make bad decisions. It seems unfathomable! But it isn't, is it?