Friday, February 12, 2010

The Opening Ceremony...

I am so excited to watch the Olympics. For some reason I feel very proud right now, more proud than in the past. Is it because our country is in such turmoil? Is it because I spent THREE HOURS AT URGENT CARE WITH A SCREAMING 1 YEAR OLD? No, I am excited because this is historical. I will cry at every anthem, every story and love all athletes around the world!

And here we go..... and we stop. A death in connection with Olympic Competition on the Luge. Oh my, this is sad. Really really sad. I am thinking that maybe the Luge should be stopped on this crazy course, or at least lets build up the safety zone. What do I know, except a poor twenty-one year old Olympian is gone, and his family and team are mourning.

I will be watching the ceremonies, and I will be hoping there are no more tragedies and GO GEORGIANS! I WILL BE CHEERING YOU ON EACH STEP OF THE WAY!

I must go pay attention now, but I love Canada. I love the United States. I am feeling the love of all countries! All athletes! I am proud yet lazy; watching from my bed with laptop and i-phone in hand, but proud nonetheless!


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Anonymous said...

great prelims to the big events.
You are so right - it is historic
and quite moving. So many great
stories of individuals so committed
to their love of their sport. And, on top of all the stories, the
beauty of Canada. Good things coming up! Great blog~

Anonymous said...

Have to admit, not quite as excited about Olympics but beautiful. My favorite is ice dancing. I am a little confused how professionals can be in Olympics, like hockey team. I surely admire the singular dedication of the athletes. God bless them and keep 'em safe.