Monday, February 1, 2010

business2blogger and oh, another monday...

Today was one of those days that makes you want to go back to bed for a repeat. Ok, not the whole day, just the morning. Jeff is wonderful enough to get James up with him at 6am if James is awake and screaming DADADADADADA. This morning started this way. Then the whining began at 7am because Lilly had to go downstairs, get dressed and comb her hair. She doesn't want to wear that coat, only the other coat which really is for a one year old according to her (but really it is for a six year old, which would be more irritating in MY mind, but anyway.) By the time the lunch was packed, the kids in the car and I was ready for a full day of work, my brain had melted right along with my disposition. So to all the lucky people who came in contact with me prior to 1pm, I am sorry. I blame it on little children.

Really trying to figure out what to do with all this writing/blogging I share with the world as of late. Do I continue to market myself and my family and the hilarity that ensues? I have the Google Adsense Ads to the side and so far, I have made .14 cents. Hawaii here we come.

I am a dedicated reader of blogs and I see what can happen, not only financially, but on a bigger scale when people share their lives, triumphs and failures. This is my first step to seeing if I have a place in the blogging world, both for my readers, and let's be honest, for myself.

I share the blogs I read on a regular basis through my posts. Most funny, some informative and a few political; almost all a combination of these three. I have decided to join a number of these wonderful writers in a business venture: Business2Blogger. I absolutely love reading the blogs by the writers who developed this business idea, June Cleaver Nirvana, HalfTimeLessons and BlahBlahBlog. Whether it works for me or not, it will a hoot to try! Wish Me Luck!

Business 2 Blogger


Anonymous said...

Hey, thank goodness for Mondays. we can strike up a lot of things to
"well, what can you expect, it is
Monday!" Good luck on your business2blogger.. could be great!

Texasholly said...

We are really working to make sure it is something that is good for both bloggers and keep your fingers crossed! Thanks so much for the shout out.