Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sometimes you forget...

I love my husband. I have written before about how much I admire him and he how he is mostly perfect. Jeff is a great father, a wonderful husband and friend.
He loves his children. He gives them adventures and hugs. He simply is Jeff. And I love him.
Without him, I would be lost. I was lost. Then I found him. The end.... Much more to come...


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goodbye Mr. Gubbles...

Lilly's fish, Mr. Gubbles, died this morning. I cried because of the fish. Lilly comforted me because I was so sad. But, it is just a fish.

I cried in Starbucks. I cried in Costco. I just cried while trying to find a place for the eight cans of refried beans and one hundred green tea bags. But it is just a fish.

When my uncle died last week, and I traveled to North Carolina to say goodbye, I cried. But I also laughed, smiled and hugged many. The time wasn't all sad. It was family and love and so much more. We said goodbye and we are moving on with our lives.

I cry because others have lost so much more than a fish by way of cancer, war and disease. I cry because I will never see any of my grandparents again. I cry because one day I will lose my mom and my dad. I cry because I will continue to have to say goodbye many more times as the years progress.

I cry because Lilly's fish died.

Goodbye Mr. Gubbles...

You were a good little fish!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Just because....

I haven't posted in almost exactly four months. Lots of reasons why and none very exciting to share. But this past weekend I had the honor of being part of saying goodbye to a very important man, my uncle. He was loved beyond words by family and friends. So many people were touched by this sweet man, whose hard life and earned lessons were shared to help others become better and make true impacts on the world around them. I am one of them. I am better because I knew him, and he loved me.

Levon Helm, who also died last week and was a HUGE part of the music world, gave us this song in 2009. It couldn't be more appropriate for my uncle's passing, and for everyone who leaves loved ones and affected ones behind. No more crying, just going home...