Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Disease...

My house is sick. Lilly's cough can be heard around the world. James has fluid running, no sprinting from his nose. I have the "feeling." Now, I always have this feeling if anyone else around me is sick. I take to bed and require being waited on nonstop. In fact, when you first meet me, I hand you card that has all this information on it. Like, I tend to be extremely grumpy in the morning. I love sleep. I eat extremely weird food. Oh, maybe it isn't a card as much as it is a guide to all things me. You poor people.

The whole point to this statement is I am tired. I need to rest in case the locust land on my face and give me some crazy disease, or if in fact, I actually get a head cold.

So, here is how Lilly spends her day being sick.

Our evening entertainment.

And this read from the weekend. So profound and true and inspiring.

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