Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haven't Packed the Boxes Yet....

I made this proclamation yesterday about my big move. So far, I have done NOTHING. Oh well, I will start the process soon enough. Right in between caring for my kids, my husband, my pets and my house. Also, I have a job that is starting to require some major attention. Now, if it would just bring in the bacon I could relax! HA! Usually once the money starts happening, the real stress begins. Great!

I have very little to report on my coyote sighting. EXCEPT for this development.

Look Here - Deer, more than one!

IT didn't eat the deer(s)((?))(((We don't put an "S" on the end of deer for plural deer do we? So confused. I could Google it, but I would get distracted like The Bloggess, and I just don't have it in me tonight.)

In honor of the deer(s?) we had a celebration of their still being alive. This was after Jeff stopped making fun of my excitement over the deer sightings and then proclaiming, "I'll bet you are going to blog about this aren't you?" He doesn't know me. He can't read my mind. Oh wait, yes, he can and he did. Great, just great!

Speaking of people we love, let's talk Valentine's Day. We had a good one. Crazy how much life changes as we get older and children are thrown in the mix. Instead of crazy love stuff happening on a Sunday afternoon, we spent some time with friends eating, drinking and having a grand ol' time. Lilly had fun with her friend from preschool, and to be honest, I think her face was flushed all afternoon. Maybe from running around like a crazy person, jumping in the bouncy house, or maybe, just maybe because she was in the room with a boy. Whose to know? It was cute, no matter what the reason.

So to all my loved ones; both family and friends, I send my love and my hugs and my best wishes. I see most of you often, some of you never but I love each of you. I don't need a "holiday" to remind me that you are important. I know this, always!

And everyone, remember this important message...


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Anonymous said...

great blog - glad to see the coyote did not eat the deer, the
dog, the cat or the children. great Mill Valley pictures: hillside, blooming cherry blossoms,
and the ever present deer(s).
Fun reading!

Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure, but I think you're right. There could be one deer, or several deer. But I do believe you have dear(s) (plural) in the house. Grann Pa

Anonymous said...

This is all pretty interesting. Would you
believe that someone said there are
many coyotes in Marin and they are very
cagy, after small dogs, etc. And, get this,
according to rangers, there are 81
mountain lions in Marin. How do they
know this? I don't have a clue.