Thursday, February 18, 2010

A breather....

What a day! The car died, the Waac Waac saved us and the fog hasn't left all day. That is the extent of what I have to write today. Except for this....

I am taking a blogging breather. I LOVE to write about my days, and the experiences I have with my children and my husband and my dog, and the cat with about 300 lives and the cars and the people and my silliness and the coyote. I gain great pleasure from it all. However, lately it has felt like an obligation. Maybe it is because I started thinking about how to make money from it, or because I wanted to move it to a more high profile address. Whatever the reason, I feel I need to take a break. Not forever, and knowing me, just until tomorrow. I am quite the drama queen whose mind changes from second to second.

I promise not to be away long, maybe just a day, but maybe a week. I will transition to my new address, however, and not because of anything other than being able to control my site better than I can here.

While I am gone, take some time to read my favorites! These women and men inspire me to write, to live larger and laugh more.

- My friend, Keely, continues to document her fight with cancer. Please read, send prayers and remember to enjoy life. She does!

- Aiming Low: These women write about being moms and running households and working. They are funny, raunchy and honest. (No Faint of Hearts or people who don't like cussing...)

- I Am Bossy: Not sure what to say about this woman. She is FUNNY! Her youtube video of ice skating was so memorable.

- Pioneer Woman: She writes about her decade-long transition from spoiled city girl to domestic country wife. I love her cooking section and every once in a while I attempt something from either her cookbook, her website or her cooking blog, The Tasty Kitchen.

- The Bloggess: She in inappropriate and hysterical. I sometimes try to figure out how her husband deals with her writing, and it just cracks me up! (Also, not for the Faint of Hearts. Just a warning!)

- I'll Flip You for Real: She is Beth Spotswood! Living in the mission, taking on San Francisco one political and social event after another as she stalks Gavin Newsom. Funny, real and worth every single second of reading!


Airborne Press: The commentary, the blogs and the book information. It is my favorite place to go for everything I need!

See you all soon!

Much love!



Anonymous said...

enjoy your blogging respite. I will miss you and look for your
return soon in your new location.
enjoy the "everydayness" of your
blog - taking what is happening and
making it humorous and cheerful.
It is good! I will take your suggestion and review some of your
favorites and await your return!

Beth Spotswood said...

You're so sweet to include me! Thank you...

Anonymous said...

As they say in IM's TTYL.
jay Rio Vista