Sunday, January 31, 2010


Spent twenty-seven hours away from my family but with my friends!!! Yipppeeee!!!!

Enjoyed a little wine tasting. Spent a few hours at the spa. Drank some wine. Then enjoyed a most fabulous dinner at Bottega in Yountville. My new best friend, Michael Chiarello joined us for a drink. The service was just wonderful. The food beyond good. The atmosphere was perfect. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed my evening. We all did!

Famous people were everywhere. William Fichtner was two tables over with his "entourage."

I spent almost every weekday afternoon of my college life (except when I was in class of course!) watching this man on As the World Turns. He was the lost soul, Josh Snyder and he died, and I died and then he was reincarnated as Grace's boyfriend on Grace Under Fire and all was well with the world. He went on to star in other TV series such as Prison Break and movies like The Perfect Storm. He seemed a little drunk, and his friends, even more obnoxious.
It didn't bother my new BFF.

He just ran his restaurant and cooked his miraculous food. What a great night!

The Bottega Kitchen

created the greatness of our evening...

The Appetizers...

The Main Courses

And I worked hard for my food, and it was worth it!


Anonymous said...

how fun! a good time was had by all it looks like - great pictures
of the food!

The Addison Onion said...

Fun fun!!! You look great !

Anonymous said...

This does look like great fun. Way to go. You deserve it. Now, the flip side of the coin is that a little guilt is healthy. Jesus said the poor will always be with us and not having this great time would not help the hungry or rescue anyone in Haiti. But, with our plenty ought to come some sense of how fortunate we are. And, I am sure it does.

Anonymous said...

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