Saturday, August 27, 2011

Group therapy by myself...

During my 3Day training walk today, I gave myself some group therapy. It went much better than the last training walk I attended with myself. 

It is time for me to pull myself up by my bootstraps, put on my big girl panties, wake up each day and clap  my hands and say loudly, "Today is THE DAY for greatness." I will be kinder to everyone in my family. There is so much on my plate, our plates really. It has become more than I can bear, so instead of just facing the storm, I have avoided it.

Over these past months, I have relinquished so much to Jeff. I have asked him to make all the house decisions, and I am fine with that. It was what I wanted. But now that we are so close to moving day, I HAVE to be a bigger part of the process. This can't involve me being grumpy about everything going on around here. I am going to buck up, turn my frown upside down and accept what must be done.

I will no longer yell and scream about the boy who lives downstairs who plays his horrid music all hours of the day and night loud enough to shake the house along with partaking in other activities that I don't need to hear. I won't yell at the kids to stop jumping and being kids. Well, I might a little because it is annoying. Our circumstance is what it is. I can't change it. But it is time for me to change.

I will smile. I will work at getting things done. I will maintain a family atmosphere that is supporting and loving. It is time.

PS: Please go donate to my 3Day Walk for the cure. Click here, or look to your right, click on the 3Day widget and go donate a mazillion dollars! KTHXBAI! (Or don't, whichever!)


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Group therapy seems to be
pretty powerful! Walking is healing, perhaps! Good luck!

Jerry Davis Aughtry said...

Happy Mommy, you are a little hard on yourself. It will all happen. And, with lots going on, have to take the long view. Several months down the road, the minor inconveniences now will hardly seem a blip. God bless all. God bless "Merica."

Jen said...

You are doing great! You are going to move soon. You are going to finish your walk! You can do it.
In the meantime tell the guy downstairs to STFU. Seriously. There are rules. You shouldn't have to deal with that.

Shutters California said...

Great bllog you have here