Thursday, August 25, 2011

7.2 Miles and a great day...

So, in case you haven't been reading or keeping up with me on twitter or facebook, I will remind you how I am walking in the 3Day Walk for the Cure. I have been training, and today I walked 7.2 miles through the city of San Francisco. It was great!

I had James with me in his stroller while we walked from our apartment to James' 3 year well child checkup. Turns out he is really healthy and much to his doctor's delight, quite the talker. He is quite simply perfect. Just like his sister!

We left the doctors office for a full tour of the city, and I had such a great day. We stopped for a milkshake, some perusing Bloomingdales where I coveted the new Michael Kors' watches and some bling. We stopped by the Disney store for new pjs for the kids. We walked through SOMA and accidently passed the new SF division of 4Square headquarters, Twitter Corporate Offices and the much talked about Taptera Headquarters. The latter company just received some amazing funding yesterday, so just seeing this office along with the other companies from the street was pretty exciting for this social media addict.

We made a few other stops, to include AT&T Park to do some shopping at the DugOut. It was a game day, so the crowd was already gathering and the pusle was hopping. We made our purchases and then headed to my parents. Along the way, we encountered cruise ship passengers and even one man dressed as The Hulk.

I am proud of my progress and while I am now icing my ankle, I am confident that I can get to 20 miles in the next week and be ready for my 3Day.

James' first experience with a hospital gown at his 3 year checkup.
Not quite sure why he is doing the Brian Wilson gesture, but it is cute!

AT&T Park
We Got a Hat (Lilly got one too!)

And you are welcome!

Ear Muffs, new Woody PJs and McQueen Slippers.
Not much to say to this...

PS: Please go donate to my 3Day Walk for the cure. Click here, or look to your right, click on the 3Day widget and go donate a mazillion dollars! KTHXBAI! (Or don't, whichever!)


Anonymous said...

What a great day! Gotta love this city - perfect weather along the
way. Congrats on your 7.2 mile
walk! Maybe this is the best way to train for a 3Day Walk! You could be on to something! That James - ear muffs make the outfit!

Anonymous said...

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