Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh college...

We currently live two blocks south of a private college that has an undergraduate population of about 5000 students. It wasn't until tonight while shopping for milk and wine, you know the staples, that I realized what an impact these students have on this small neighborhood. We live in a huge city that only spans seven miles. This city officially houses 805,235 people. This doesn't include any non census taking people, which I believe would make this number much higher. I am not a government official or anything, but I KNOW I am right.

The happymommy house went out to dinner tonight in this little university area of ours and I ventured over to the local grocery store after we ate. It was like a pickup bar. I stood behind these young people and watched a man/boy introduce himself to two attractive girls/women. He started with, "Are you a Freshman?" Followed that up with, "You may know my brother, he is a senior." And then finished it up with, "What are your names again? If I see you around, we can say we are grocery store buddies."

I almost fell down laughing. I remember these boys. It was never directed to me, but to my best friend or others. I always watched from afar, and looking at this through 40 year old eyes, instead of 18, even 25 year old eyes was so much different. I had that boys number. I knew who he was, and watched as the girls/women took stock and figured out if he would fit in their lives at some point. Most likely, he will not. But what do I know? I am an older woman, with life experience and I know what I saw. A pickup place hidden in the self check out line. Times, they don't change. They just evolve. And then Steve Jobs retires. 

Quite the world we are living in these days. I am currently locking Lilly in the closet while I fill out her application for the non-catholic convent with liberal teachings. You know, not the grocery store.



Anonymous said...

Great idea for Lilly! Times don't change that much, do they? Pretty funny! Love that you are blogging most days!

Anonymous said...

Please, you definitely got hit on in a grocy store in your twenties. You're not fooling anyone lady.