Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PoisonOakGate of 2011

This is what I have taken to calling my poison oak dilemma. If you are wondering how I managed to get poison oak, read here, and then here. Really all that happened was I attempted to exercise and be part of nature all at once and my body exploded in an itchy protest. I have this friend, let's call her Kelly, well her name is Kelly, and she has been hearing about this affliction since Friday. Poor woman. If she has to hear one more thing about it, I think she may drive down south and shoot me up with steroids herself! (Oh and Jenny too. Sorry ladies!)

Since PoisonOakGate of 2011 traveled from my arms to my face and finally close to my eye, I decided to take a trip to our lovely urgent care. I do not have a primary care doctor other than my OBGYN at the Women's Health Center. I am not sure she could do anything since it is nowhere near my lower regions thank goodness. Can you imagine the post describing that issue? Better yet, don't imagine it.

Before I could go to the doctor, I had a very important business meeting this morning. It was at a very important place that holds famous people and history making things are done at the place. I covered up the rash on my face with enough makeup to make the local drag queen envious. I did tweet that I might need to wear a bag over my head to sell the services of my company, but that would have just been weird.

Needless to say, the meeting went great. I did a good job of communicating and asking the right questions without clawing my arm off to relieve the itching or putting my face on the table to get rid of the pressure of the welts under my chin. All in all a success!

I left this very important place that houses famous people where historic things happen to head to urgent care. Now let me say this about urgent care. Don't ever go expecting not to spend at least three hours there. I had my book, my phone and my patience. The latter isn't easy to come by but from experience I knew I had to have it today.

I tried to read my book but it is VERY hard to do when the older person on your right is about to cough her lungs out onto said book. It is also hard to concentrate when the obviously mentally ill person is standing just far away from the check in desk to not be heard by the staff, but she is speaking Russian loud enough to know that it wouldn't make sense anyway. She does this for 30 minutes before being removed to a place where someone may help her. And it is really hard to concentrate when the woman who arrived before you is constantly yelling about how long she has been there and when is anyone going to see her. I arrived with patience. She did not.

All in all a good day. I got meds for the scratching, steroid cream for the spreading and prednisone should I want to have insomnia and a weakened immune system. I am waiting two days before I chose that option. I learned a good lesson in all of this. Do not exercise. Do not attempt to be one with nature. Sit on the back of a houseboat with a book in one hand, a glass of wine in the other and enjoy. No need to rock the boat, so to speak.


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Anonymous said...

love it! Messages not to exercise come in various shapes, sizes and voices. Yours, obviously, arrived as poison oak! Listen to the voice and heed the warning! A vivid picture of an urgent care visit should make us all think twice about needing urgent care!!