Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have always been a huge reader. I remember riding around on my bike with my dad when I was five and reading the names off the officers' quarters on the army base where we lived. I remember my red bike and I assume my dad was jogging beside me because I don't ever recall him riding a bike. I loved to read. Back then we had very little tv, and no remote for said tv. We had family dinners around the table and my mom wore pearls and dresses and little fairies sang to us while we moved about the house. NOT. It was more like we rushed around after my sister's swim practice/drill team/football game/social event and sat around the table talking about our day. It was a great life, at least how I remember those days.

My love of reading has been lost in the raising of the children, marriage, work and let's face it twitter. I don't hide my love of twitter and my addiction to constantly checking in and seeing what everyone is doing each second of the day. It is slightly ridiculous, and I realize that. But it brings me joy, so I continue. And will continue. Until someone takes my phone from my hand and flings it across the room and breaks it and I end up in jail because I caused bodily harm to that person.

This past Christmas, my sister and I "gave" my mom a book club. Meaning, we promised to read one book together as a group every two months and meet for dinner to discuss the book. Not only has this led to me recapturing the love of books and reading, but it has given us all a chance to spend at least two hours together every two months. We go to a great restaurant, talk about the book for maybe 5 minutes and just hang out enjoying each other's company. I love it. We spent two hours together today talking about The Book Thief, which was breathtakingly wonderful and horrible all at once.

My rekindled affair with books has somehow intertwined itself with my love of twitter. I follow a funny woman who is a stand up comic, writer and starred on television. Suzy Suro lives in LA and she is funny, endearing and I enjoy reading her tweets and her blog. One day she tweeted something, and somehow I tweeted something back to her about BossyPants by Tina Fey. With trepidation, I offered to send her my copy not thinking she would want to be part of a crazy book sharing situation. But she did. And so began a twittership born of books. I recently sent her four more books and I hope she loves each of them as much as I did. She will pass the books forward once she has read them and the cycle will continue. 

The interwebs are a wonderful place.


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Suzy said...

Great post! xxoo

Anonymous said...

What a great gift to give a mom -
especially one who loves to read!
The opportunity to share a good book over a good lunch in San Francisco is just about perfect!
Twitter interlinked with book sharing is quite a concept - maybe you can start a trend! Love the blog!

Jerry Davis Aughtry said...

This is so funny and enduring.