Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As you all know, I am doing the3day Walk for the Cure in less than three weeks. I haven't trained at all. Life got in the way because there are just a few things going on around the happymommy house. There is this and there is the new job, which I started in March and am now taking a little breather from because, well I have way too much happening. Oh, and there is the driving.

Currently, we are moving back into our house two days before I take part in this 3day Walk. Yeah, because I am great at scheduling and not creating more havoc than necessary. I know it will all work, but it can be overwhelming to think about it all at once. Not to mention, we have a personal family issue happening that is taking Jeff away for three days next week while I sit at home and worry about the personal family issue from afar. When we got this news three weeks ago, I cried for twenty-four hours. I am "sure" next week will be fine and everything will go great and I will not cry. I know it!

So back to my story: I haven't trained at all for this walk. I meant to, but I didn't. I will be walking 20 miles a day for three days in less than three weeks. So today, I started my training, in my new shoes. I took off with a backpack of water, a cookbook I dropped off along the way and my sunglasses. Well, my broken sunglasses that I stopped and had fixed. See, training is going great. I made it five miles. Then I took the bus home. I am ridiculous.

I will try again on Thursday in the late evening. I need to do at least ten miles that day, and then over the weekend get up to 12. Clearly, I have put a lot of thought into this. :(

I got lost in Golden Gate Park today. How I did that, I don't know. I refocused myself, headed west and eventually found the ocean. During my very productive refocusing, I did manage to think way too much. Please find my train of thought below:

  • What if I get attacked? I have no mace, or a rape whistle. Can I yell loud enough for someone to hear me? Would I?
    • In all honesty, I did tweet that I was lost so if I did go missing, my followers would know when I went missing and approximately where I was. Now, how this information would be helpful, I don't know. Twitter did tell me to ask the bison for directions, which made me laugh and I forgot about being attacked.
  • If I am attacked and do die and if I am creamated will it cause the creamation people to get Poison Oak because I STILL HAVE POISON OAK. (Clearly, I am insane.)
  • When Jeff goes away next week, what will happen if his plane goes down. (Once again, clearly, I am insane.)
  • Do the new light fixtures Jeff picked out for the renovation match? (I don't really need to say it do I?)
  • Did I remember to close the door all the way?
And then I found the ocean.

All in all it was a good first day of training. I probably should listen to a book while I walk and stop listening to my brain when alone. I think this is the smartest way to go.

PS: Please go donate to my 3Day Walk for the cure. Click here, or look to your right, click on the 3Day widget and go donate a mazillion dollars! KTHXBAI! (Or don't, whichever!)


Jen said...

Can't you find a some others that are also behind and train with them? Or too hard with your schedule. I want to do a training walk with you! Give me your schedule and i will try super hard to make one! Keep going and sorry jeff has to go deal with something sad :(

Anonymous said...

Amazing thoughts! Listening to a book or good music while you are doing your training walks is a great idea.
I know you will pull it all together and the walk be a fabulous experience. Sending good thoughts!

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh and that is no small thing. Thanks. It is going to ne a great 3 days. Plus, everything is going to work out. I want to be am airborne ranger. Amen. Plus, from here on out, instead of waxing forth with some great philosophy, it is going to be, "asked the bison."