Monday, August 15, 2011

I went on a vacation?

If memory serves me, last week I was on a houseboat with no cell service, Internet access or twitter. I read books, listened to my daughter laugh, ate and drank myself into an extra five pounds. I also came home with poison oak, which has spread from my arms to my face.

I don't feel like I went anywhere. Except for the five pounds and the blisters lining my arms, my check bones and jaw bone, there is no evidence of relaxation. (I asked Jeff for the name of this body part and he said mandible, but I refuse to use that word.)

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to go away. I spent endless hours with a best friend, my sister, her children and many others. I even laughed with my brother-in-law. That in itself is monumental.

I should have remembered this as I cussed my way (in my head, not out loud) through putting the kids to bed last night and figuring out how to get back into the routine of driving across the bridge four times a day because we aren't back in our house. We have four weeks left of this temporary life. To get through, I will be eating out at new restaurants every evening and exploring with Jeff and the kids the city that I will claim to miss once we are back home.



Anonymous said...

Very funny! Glad HappyMommy is back. Love the blog!

JenD said...

I call bs til in see photographic evidence. Come on! Itsthe least you can do for those eagerly following poison oak gate.