Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One of those days...

Today was a little hard. Not hard like it coulda' killed me hard, but it was long. Involved a lot of weather, driving, waiting and yes eating.

Most Tuesdays James and I stay home, or get out of the house for alone time while my mom takes Lilly to Spazio to play and learn Italian. My family is not Italian and certainly not Italian speakers. In fact there are a few of us who barely speak English! :) We just like the class, the teacher and the people. Lilly thrives, gets one on one time with my mom in the morning, and my dad in the afternoon. It is great for everyone. James and I also get some one on one time which is essential for the nourishment of our relationship. Most Tuesdays it works. Today was different. First of all, the day started off with a typhoon. We have been waiting for the big storms, and we certainly were not disappointed! After finally arriving at Spazio to drop off Lilly in our car/boat, James and I tried to go to breakfast. Two restaurants and a tour of the city later, we arrived at Bay Watch to enjoy our breakfast, which was actually our lunch since it was already 11am by this point! I was not disappointed in my meal, or the price so I consider the morning a victory!

Thanks Seana for the recommendation.

The rest of the day was full of work, non-napping, a TWO HOUR WAIT AT THE DOCTOR FOR BOOSTER SHOTS, a stressful but yummy Korean dinner and an unbelievable traffic jam . After a U-Turn in the middle of 19th avenue over a median and a short cut through the Presidio, we finally made it home. I am pretty much done with this day. Tired, but happy. Not quite relaxed, but working on it!

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti
Please don't forget the plight of the Haitians. As time passes and headlines fade away, they will still need help. I continue to research and find worthwhile charities that pledge, and have proven track records, of providing directly to the people that need it. Please note, my newest charity, Yele Haiti has received some negative press. None of this has been substantiated; quite the contrary. They are in the trenches of Haiti bringing aid! I believe and trust in each charity I chose to highlight.



Anonymous said...

Turned in the medium, not good. I am aghash at what has happened in MA. This is one time that nobody can blame an election on the right wing fundamentalists. I know this is not a political blog but just can't get this off my mind. I have already donated to Haiti and will more through this site. Thank you for giving the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

well, it sounds like some good
moments among some challenging ones
with a little fun sprinkled around
the edges. James looks great with
his pancakes and a crayon - could it get any better than this?
enjoy your blog - pictures and videos are great.