Thursday, January 21, 2010

No fodder, ok just a little....

I have absolutely nothing to say. OK, maybe a few things. Oh, and that other thing too!

I learned about this boy today, Killian Mansfield. His life was inspiring, beautiful and full of music. Listen to his story and then a tune from his album, Somewhere Else, and if so inspired, go buy the cd. I know one person who feels addicted to the music and probably the story as well.

Everyday I find happiness and giggles online. The sites I visit range from the local news to the raunchiest, yet guffaw inducing mommy blog. Oh, and then there is her! In between there are political bloggers who fuel my spirit and make me think. There are foodies that make me want to dance through the farmers' market with my pretend wealth and buy everything local. And there are writers who aren't really foodies but use a domain name that makes one think they are reading about food, but turns out it is about being a mom with a sense of humor that has no description! There are bloggers and social media mavens who do both. And her, she made me cry and remember to be proud because she triumphs everyday at what she does! I get a wealth of information from writers who explore cooking and raising children with love and intelligence. Dads who feel honored to be the one to stay home and take care of their kids. And then there is my newest find. I heart her. She is wonderful, a hoot and she cares!

I read, and write obviously, about what I know and I won't apologize for this. I am a mom, a wife and a woman. I promise, you won't find me reading this, ever! Looking at pictures maybe, but not reading about it. :)

There are so many more sites I visit. I am honored to be part of their lives through the internet. This medium offers us so much, and so little. Take the time to figure out where you belong and then search away. You will find a community of best friends you will never meet. I promise. I am INSPIRED by those who share their failures and more importantly, their triumphs.

One final note: since we went from two cars to one, we have been living with a car that will only open with a key or a FOB (not sure what this means, but Jeff keeps referring to it this way, so I will too) that doesn't attach to anything. I know, this is crazy. It was driving me crazy, and I was driving Jeff crazy. Today in the mail, a miracle arrived.

Thank you, thank you and thank you more.

My concern about how to get in a car without the luxury of a FOB, for goodness sakes is trivial. Small and inconsequential. I remember this as I continue to see and read all the news stories about the 1.2 million homeless in Haiti. The 250,000 dead and even more injured. There is a fund-raising concert in the works from artists in LALA land and around the world. In the meantime, take time to contribute what you can and PRAY for these people. Peace, health and patience for time and healing.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti


My Last Last Thought: I do spend a lot of time surfing the net. It is my vice and it occurs AFTER the kiddos are in bed. Just so you know!


Anonymous said...

well, what a great gift to arrive
in the mail! You can now beep
your car open and closed - how great is this! love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I read all of this and what a good writer!
Wow. A gift. It is interesting to hear of
your surfing habits. Yesterday's news
talked about a new study that showed
teenagers involved 7 hours s day with
their electronic devices. I don't know what
this means. It doesn't seem good to me.
Thanks for your time and efford. And,
congrats on the one car, the fob. God
bless you and your family and
God bless "Merica." I am donating through your site to Haiti.