Monday, January 11, 2010

Unable to Aim Low, Weird.

I really love to search the web and find fun, enlightening and sometimes informative blogs to read. This has become one of my favorite pastimes, after watching tv. In fact, I can do both of these at the same time. I truly enjoy Aiming Low and sometimes the posts make me laugh so loud that I wake the neighbors. They are now running the Back Burner Recipe contest. I think all that is required is that you use a utensil and came up with food. The site is called aiminglow, don't forget. So, tonight when I was making breakfast for dinner, it dawned on me that I should enter this contest. I mean, I opened the bacon package, cracked the eggs and took a fork to them, I considered this a back burner recipe. BUT, I didn't stop there. I decided we needed biscuits. Low and behold we didn't have any biscuits in a can, so what did I do? I made some from scratch. This does not count as aiming low. I tried, and then I baked from scratch.

Here is another example of how I am overachieving today. I mean, let's not even discuss how I woke up, actually put on non-sweat pants and took one child to this place, the other to that place and then worked all day and then cooked my breakfast for dinner to include homemade biscuits and then registered the kid for kindergarten and now I am blogging. WHEW! I am tired! But I can't stop now. Here are pictures of my spectacular dinner last night at Spinnaker with my little family, my wonderful parents and our Denver "family" members who were out here planning Auntie J's wedding in September. Now, this is an example of not aiming low. Planning a wedding eight months ahead. WOW!

Grandma & Auntie J's Mom

Auntie J & James

Memory Making


PS: I really have enjoyed reading aiminglow, but please read this about the woman who started this site. It is a sad and it could happen to any of us. The woman who started aiminglow suffered a stroke in November. Her struggle is documented here by her husband. You can read her prestroke posts at her original blog, FreeAnnisa. Read her story and be moved! I managed to make biscuits from scratch; she survives. That is aiming for the heavens!

I will repeat this from my post from a few nights ago: PS: All of these pictures are taken with my iphone. Once the sun goes down the pictures don't come out too well because there is no flash. I have a digital camera, but I can't manage to haul it around and transfer pictures. Not sure how this is any different, but still. Seems harder. So my point is, Steve Jobs, take note... We need a flash in the iphone camera and please don't come out with the new phone until my contract is up at AT&T and I can get the new version. Or better yet, send me a very fancy digital camera, like this, and I don't need a flash in my phone. Ok? Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

I think the Spinnaker must be one of your dads favorite resturants. He took us there on a visit out your way.
I love cooking and doubt that anytime you are preparing a meal for your family instead of take out that you are aiming low.
Jay-Rio Vista