Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog Fodder, and shopping responsibly...

Since I have been blogging seriously, the past probably six months or so, my family has become used to my picture taking and video stalking. A good example is trying to take a picture of Lilly's beautiful curls for an entire rant on how hair is so great, yet such a pain. Instead of standing still and being the perfect little girl that she is , she proceeds to launch into supermodel mode complete with throwing her head back and shaking her hair in the "wind." All of this results in a weird, blurry somewhat beautiful picture.

And then there is trying to capture the craziness that is our dinnertime. Watch closely as everyone looks directly into the camera and "acts" on cue. Everyone but Jeff. Notice his "ENOUGH!" It was directed toward the kid, but it was meant for me. It might be time for me to start leaving him out of my FODDER!

One thing I will not leave him out of is my need for new stuff. I love to buy clothes, shoes and home accessories, but we have neither the money nor the time to buy any, or all of these. I am a glutton for H&M, Forever 21 (and now that both are carrying kids clothes, they might be my favorite places on earth). However, recent media outlets have reported VERY BAD business practices on the part of stores like H&M and Wal-Mart. I will leave a Wal-Mart discussion for another day, but I DO NOT SHOP AT WAL-MART. There isn't one close to me so it isn't an option anyway.. I will leave it at that.

This being said, where do I find great clothes or accessories at reasonable prices? Target? Maybe sometimes. But original items that no one else has? Search the blogs for great finds that are original, that fit you in fashion and in the mind; that inspire you. Support those who take the time to create, shop and post.

Nickie Frye
Julie Apple Handbags

These are just a few out there. Search Google, or Yahoo, or Netscape (oops) and find what you want. Try to think outside your norm, find a new way to shop by supporting the artists, old and new.

And once again, please remember Haiti. The babies, the parents, the entire community. They need your prayers and your help.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti



Anonymous said...

I think dinner choas is wonderful.
think of the kids one day being
able to say, "we had so much fun
at dinner - it was wild!" And, now
at least, it is resolved about Lilly's Halloween costume. Good to
get those things sorted out early!
Shopping - can you somehow turn
that into a business?

Nickie Frye said...

Wow, thanks for mentioning my etsy shop!! I really love what I do for so many reasons! Most of my inventory comes from thrift stores, which almost always support a good cause. When you buy vintage, you are saving one more item from being thrown in the landfills & you are avoiding buying something new from a big-box retailer who almost always packages each item individually in plastic for shipping. Plus, there is the obvious benefit of having a unique item that no one else will have, which is my greatest argument against shopping at F21, Target, or H&M. Anyway, thanks again & happy bargain hunting! xoxo