Friday, January 22, 2010

There was snow on the Golden Gate Bridge....

You think I am kidding? We have been inundated with horrible storms of rain and hail this past week. And then, this morning, there was snow and ice ON THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. Not just hail, but snow and ice. There were signs telling us CAUTION, ICY ROAD AHEAD, on the Golden Gate Bridge. I slowed down, giggled and tried to figure out how to take a picture of the ice and snow while not crashing the car. Instead of risking life and limb and my childrens' lives, I took mental photos and planned on stopping on the way back home to take pictures. Well, it started raining and the wind almost blew the car off the road, so I just went home, googled the whole experience and found documentation.

Have you ever seen so much snow? The plows are on their way. Salt on the road is sure to follow. Let's be honest, this is nothing for those who live in the Alps, or even Sacramento. But for us, SNOW? What? Hello?

Let's skip to 3:00pm. The sun was reflecting off the flood waters at Richardson Bay, and it was time for Ballet Dancing for preschoolers! There was twirling, skipping and just all around fun! I mean seriously, this kid, she is a star!

One of our great friends couldn't make the recital because she was suffering in a Tropical Island. Her friends missed her greatly. Not sure she missed anyone!

And the day ended with a wonderful dinner full of gossip and throwing of food. 1/2 off Entrees during happy hour takes on a new meaning when you bring the kids.

So, the entire time I have been putting heart and soul into this post, HOPE FOR HAITI has been on every single channel on the face of the universe. Pretty sure the moon is showing it on the big screen. I can NOT watch it. I am a baby. A wimp. A pretty sad excuse. However, I donate. Money, send money. This is what they need. Watch the music, enjoy the celebrities and DONATE your money. (And if you are faint of heart, do not listen to Tom Hanks, just give money. The story he is telling RIGHT NOW broke my heart. BROKE IT! But I gave money. YOU DO THE SAME.) Watch Rihanna, Jay Z and Bono. WOW!!! Oh boy, it's Dave Matthews. Oh, and Neil Young. I will stop now.

Ok, I am beside myself. Jennifer Aniston, AND STEVIE WONDER are answering phones. I am going to turn off the tv, but I will post these links, as I have over the past week, so you can donate to help this country, these people and these children. Give what you can and pray for peace.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti


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Anonymous said...

I was waiting for the blog this am
because I knew you would be watching every famous person on the
Hope for Haiti program. It was awesome, I have to say. Lilly is a rock star - her twirling, jumping
and skipping are superior. Sounds like you had a great day - including rain, sleet, snow, ice,
twirling, eating and a few tears.
did I miss anything?