Thursday, January 28, 2010

All fixed...

Please realize, I get how ridiculous the following is, considering, well considering everything!

We survived the terrible almost 36 hours of no internet, phone or cable.

While enduring these past few days, I actually had to interact with my children. Turns out they are pretty funny. I couldn't watch the Golden Girls before I fell asleep, so I read a book. Oh my. I wrote many blog posts in my head because I can't go to sleep without tv, so I am sharing this one with you tonight!

Have you ever seen such wonderful packaging?

This one package was carefully crafted for the shipping of my favorite earrings!

My father in law is like McGyver. He could take a piece of twine, a paper clip and half a coffee filter and package up a large horse for shipping.

Every Christmas my small little family leaves seven years worth of stuff at the inlaws. We bring chaos and love and leave everything in tornado type ruins AND at least three boxes of presents and belongings for someone to ship home to us.

Jeff and I appreciate our parents and eachother's parents more than can be expressed here. However, today I give a special shout out to the king of shippers... Grannnn pa!


I just donated a little more money to Haiti to somewhat pacify my guilt over being so upset about no internet access. I mean, really! Please remember this country and their plight at rebuilding lives for themselves.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti


Anonymous said...

So glad you survived your 36 hour
test with 0 internet, tv or phone.
at least, you get it that in the
overall scheme of things,
need to go further.
Grandpa does get an award for that
shipping - he definitely does!
all's well..that is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Kudos! My problem is that I do not realized there are certain things I can not do, or should not attempt! Love you all, Grannn Pa