Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Loma Prieta Earthquake - Otherwise Known as my Birthday

Every year on my birthday, especially since I moved back to the bay area 7.5 (ha) years ago, I celebrate along with the Loma Perieta Anniversary. I can remember that day, twenty years ago - help - like it was yesterday. Sitting in the movie theater on Union Street watching, Look Who's Talking - help again - with my friend Laura. I was nineteen that day and on top of the world. The movie started, the earth shook and life in San Francisco was changed forever.

Maybe I will post later about not being able to find my parents, and especially my sister, in depth. For now, this is what I remember and keep in mind, this was before cell phones. I imagined my mother losing it mentally and driving through the Marina, which was on fire and having a horrible accident. I imagined my sister, a first year resident at UCSF, killed immediately by the falling debris in a hospital. I knew my dad was fine, well because he is my dad.

What really happened: Mom fine, drove home and waited for everyone to get there so we could go to dinner to celebrate my birthday. Sister fine, slept through it all as she was on call the night before. Dad, fine, well because he is my dad.

Me: took me many years to be fine but not because of the earthquake.

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