Thursday, October 15, 2009

My lovely i-phone

I don't know how many times in the last two months, I have accidentally let my iphone's battery die. Well, it is quite the pain if you let this happen. I think Armageddon has occurred because my phone won't turn on no matter how many buttons I push or how long I hold said buttons. Last time this happened, I made an genius appointment with the closest Apple store. Turns out, one hour before the appointment, the phone miraculously turned on with one quick click of the power button. I swear this phone has it in for me.

I begged and begged for an i-phone after my previous phone "accidentally" fell into the kiddie pool at our local community center this past spring. I pouted and pouted until my lovely husband switched us to AT&T and got me an iphone. Then, somehow that phone got wet (not in the pool), and we had to upgrade to the 3GS. The new phone has been awesome, except for the battery issue and the occasional problem with the headphones. When it works, it is awesome. When it doesn't, I want to turn back time to get my big ol' flip phone and text with a real keyboard and apologize for putting on a full court pout to get what I want. See what happens....

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