Saturday, October 17, 2009

My birthday...

Today is my birthday! I have had the best day, kind of.... Ok, everything was wonderful this morning and again tonight, but the in between was just awful.

I got breakfast in bed, pancakes with sprinkles(help!). Lilly brought all my presents to me. My in-laws got me my perfume and almost my most favorite present of all, They Way To Cook by Julia Child. I can't wait to break into the recipes. So excited.

My most wonderful husband gave me, after much begging, a Wii, wii fit! I worked out this afternoon and just loved it! Lilly gave me her doll Loretta because she no longer needed it to keep the monsters away! Wow!

We had to go to get flu shots at UCSF today which resulted in the BIGGEST debacle of all time. We waited for three hours to get the shot. I was involved in yelling at the security guard and led the people to proper places in line. I embarrassed my four year old, but the kids got their shots and I was the victor.

The day ended with a wonderful time at my parents with my sister and her family. It is so wonderful to be with them and to have my parents watch it all! I continue to be amazed at my life and my family! I am one lucky gal with a gift certificate to get my hair done at the fancy place from my mom and pops! Not to mention a Starbucks card which will fuel my days!

Everyone watch out! I will MAKE it happen before I am 40 and then it will be nothing but gravy!

This is my year!

PS: My sister's present, napkins that say "Why is Happy Hour limited to an hour?" Does she know me or what?

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