Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ode to my peeps...

In life, you have have friends, and then you have FRIENDS. People who love you and care for you and take you as you are. No matter what, these people put up with your crap and remember that even during your craziest moments, you are who you are and that is why they loved you in the first place.

During my time on earth, I have had friends whom I supported and got little back. I have had friends who required so much of me that I became tired of being nice. These days I have few friends, but the ones I do have, I love and cherish and want nothing but to continue to be friends with them through it all.

I value those people who continue to love me and cherish me and understand me. It takes a strong person to be in my life. Just ask my husband.

Tonight I had the priviledge of spending the evening with one of these people. I hope to have her as a friend for my remaining years. We will have our moments and I promise to be a pain in the butt many times. However, my friends are my family. Always.

Now, here is where we spent our evening. NOPA is fun and the food is great. Even if you get stuck in the corner upstairs, the food is wonderful, service is way above par and even when you think they threw away your to go box, they just save it until the check.

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