Friday, October 30, 2009

The Bay Bridge and Halloween...

This is two separate posts in one.

First, the Bay Bridge has been closed for three days and counting. I live in the north bay, over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. The past three days, I have lived in traffic hell. It is no wonder to me that there is always so much traffic on the Bay Bridge because I believe no one who drives into the city over the Bay Bridge knows how to drive correctly. (If anyone actually read this blog, I would be scared of the reprecussions, but since no does, I feel okay with my truthful statements.)

No one knows how to merge, how drive the speed of traffic so there isn't sudden stopping and starting and no one owns a fastrak. I mean why would you drive across the bridges of this area every day and fill up the cash lanes, not to mention face the lines of cars. It makes no sense. I am ready for the Bay Bridge to open again so I can get back and forth to the city like normal.

Now, Halloween.... I am not a big fan of this holiday. I am not creative nor do I love my kids eating days worth of candy, even months worth actually, in one day. Lilly gets scared and James, being James, will make it harder than necessary. However, I am looking forward to a party at my friend's house, and also sad that I am missing another party in the city with my other friends. It is nice to be wanted, and hopefully, the traffic will be fine and not make my head explode. Wait, this would make a nice costume.

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