Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, that was weird...

Ever have a day that starts out one way and ends up having you land on another planet in a different time continuum? Not sure why I am quoting things from Star Wars/Star Trek/Twilight Zone but really that is how today felt.

Woke up feeling great. Got a wonderful night rest. James slept until 6:40 and Jeff let me sleep until 7:30. I didn't have to rush anywhere and I even PUT MAKEUP ON BEFORE I LEFT THE HOUSE! And I REMEMBERED TO TAKE MEAT OUT OF THE FREEZER FOR DINNER. So far, so GREAT!

Dropped off kids, got to office, worked hard, IM'd with a favorite friend of mine, fixed a problem with my blog pictures, worked really hard some more, ate a very healthy salad for lunch and then got the call. Cousin A was in an accident. She is six months pregnant with a little being. Her husband called to tell us the news and to ask us for our extra car. Well of course they can have the extra car, and the baby is ok for now, but damn, that just throws the day for quite the loop.

Can't help them immediately because they were on observation so I proceed to work some more and then head to my parents to get kids and proceed to have my mom sit me down and say, "We need to talk." OH MY LORD! Turns out, the talk was AWESOME!. The result was wonderful and ended with my mom saying, "You do realize how much you are like me don't you?" I am sassy, quick to temper but quick to forgive. I love and nurture and take care of what is important. I am lucky to be like my mom!

Then, I take the kids grocery shopping. Yes, grocery shopping with a four year old and a one year old is fork in eye ball inducing, but it had to be done. We had no bagels. Thirty minutes and two balloons that really should have sent me to the insane asylum later, we were on our way home.

Still, we couldn't go to help Cousin A because they weren't ready and things still needed to be done at home. I proceeded to start a' cookin! Meatballs and Marinara from scratch was on tap. 45 minutes and two balloons that should have once again sent me to the insane asylum later, we were on our way to rescue Cousin A. Even Bubba took the trip.

My sister and brother-in-law were on the phone offering medical assistance. We found Jeff, saw Cousin A and then took care of the car and transport business. We saw her and I cried. The baby is fine, the mommy is bruised and battered and the daddy will survive the trauma of almost losing his wife and unborn child.

The day started out great, and ended with me giving my life a great big hug!



Anonymous said...

Great blog if I am in the right month. So sorry about Annie. Let us know how to help. And, very interestIng about the "talk" and I think that the getting like the "Mom" is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Being like Mom is a good thing, and there is some Happy Mommy blended in. We are proud of you and Jeff. You are great parents!