Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blogging, canning, pickling and breading?.....

Today, I went in the opposite direction of lazy.
I am tired, seeing in 3-D and surprisingly happy and content.

brought to you by... Sesame Street

The day was spent doing my normal mommy things.
Then, I decided to bake some more.

So now, I have a boule of homemade artisan and sandwich bread.
Thank you Michael Ruhlman!

Logically, this was followed by learning about pickling and canning!?!

And then there was dinner.

A slow-cooker Italian Meal with homemade marinara.

Accompanied by

Roasted Asparagus

Oh, and I decided to do some blogger enhancing things that might increase traffic and bring more people here to witness my manic behavior!

And really, I have lost my mind. Hello bed! Goodnight internet!


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Anonymous said...

You should be exhaused after a day like that. Hang in there sweetheart. Grannpa