Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ratios, books and ketchup....

Last year I discovered the love of baking and cooking in general. Once James was over his colicky nightmare, I found pleasure and a release of sorts in the kitchen. For some reason since the end of last year and until this past month I lost that curiosity and love of creating in the kitchen. Well, let me tell you, one trip to Barnes and Noble for Ratio, and a subsequent trip to Bed, Beth and Beyond and it is all rekindled. Ok, it isn't that simple, but I have rediscovered my love of the kitchen. It has been a slow process, but today, things feel different.

I wanted this book, Ratio, by Michael Ruhlman when I discovered his blog many months ago. However, I didn't have the heart to even fathom cooking based on numbers. Hell, I didn't even have the heart to cook period. Before this past month, I tried to keep up the appearance of cooking and baking by cheating with 5 minute breads that turned out DIFFERENT every time. I passed it off as baking, but in all honesty, it was me trying to compensate for my complete lack of enjoyment and lack of will do to anything in the kitchen. I could throw some frozen chicken and Cream of Mushroom Soup in the slow cooker like no body's business, but cooking, real cooking had left the building. I still adore my slow cooker and think it invaluable, but the pleasure from cooking and baking had gone.

It returned over the past month. It started with a few things here, maybe a homemade thing there, but it was back. So today, I dusted off my measuring cups and standing mixer and started baking. I even bought a kitchen scale. It is the best rated kitchen scale from America's Test Kitchen! I am back baby!

And goodness, if I can have this on any Sunday morning, based completely on my rekindled loved of the kitchen, Michael Ruhlman and his lovely wife, Donna Turner Ruhlman who is the artist behind this picture, I might be almost, 50% complete.

Poached egg on a bed of sautéed spinach, photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman

Right now, I am waiting for some dough to proof. It's my first attempt at a Ratio based bread. I am even thinking of making some mayonnaise to send home with my dad when when he drops off Lilly.

Even she is making a foray back into the kitchen.

And James, he just likes ketchup.



Anonymous said...

ok - the cook is now back in the kitchen. this is a good thing.
lilly is a master at pb&j and james
in definitely into ketchup. so,
the mom's love of the kitchen is
very important. Good luck with your new book, scales and all things culinary! Only good things seem to emerge from the kitchen -
so, good luck and congrats on your
refound love of the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Homemade mayo? I loved the video. I wish I could cook. I think you have to like food to be a good cook.

Anonymous said...

Homemade mayo? I loved the video. I wish I could cook. I think you have to like food to be a good cook.

Anonymous said...

Cute video, but honestly, Opa, pizza and jelly? Thank goodness Lilly was there to set you straight! She can make my peanut butter and jelly sandwich anytime!