Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday with the family...

For some reason, my little family rarely gets out as a unit. Except for going out to eat, which says we do way too much, we don't go on a lot of weekend outings. I do a lot with the kids on my own, as does Jeff. But, for the most part we don't take advantage of where we live together. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to change this. It took us until March to start working on this resolution. However, another one was to lose weight but instead I am gaining weight so really everything is on schedule.

Today, we took off North East to Sonoma and the ever fabulous TrainTown! It is a great place for the two and up set.

Let the Adventures Begin!

James spent the majority of the day confined to his stroller while Lilly rode each ride. Sometimes, you got to take one for the team, and today was James' day!

He did get to ride his first Carousel. He was not overwhelmed!

Lilly on the other hand was delighted with the entire setup!

Riding the train.

The train ride lasts twenty minutes and travels through a very small area. You would be amazed at what is packed in there. We even stopped at an Old West type "town" where visitors feed goats, sheep and even a Llama. There was a Saloon. It wasn't real. Mama was disappointed.

Please refer to the gaining weight statement above. Standing like Paris Hilton doesn't help.
In fact, it makes my arms look huge! Where is my YummieTummie?

Oh my, they are high! Do you see them?

Oh my, do you see James and me?

Lilly is thinking of following in her Grandpa's footsteps.

No offense to other pilots, but she is the cutest!

We left Train Town and headed to Sonoma Plaza where we ate our picnic lunch and the kids played in the park. It was truly beautiful.

Here is Lilly showing her strength or Here is Lilly singing a Pirate Song! Not sure which!

We ended the day with Ben&Jerry's.

James wanted to wear his extra shirt as pants. That is what happens in the wine country!



Anonymous said...

What a fun day! 

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of our future pilot/pirate. James is just having fun, and I love Jeff's laugh! What a great time!

Anonymous said...

We do that same outing - a fave of the kids. My favorite part is the picnic in the park afterward and a stroll through the Sonoma Cheese shop.