Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So much rain....

There has been so much rain here over the last few weeks. I know, I was in Vegas part of the time but still there was rain even when I wasn't here. Weird that weather continues while I am away. My point is I am tired of rain. I never dress correctly and my shoes are never right. Let's just move to spring weather where the occasional shower is the norm, as opposed to rain being the norm.

Two things to share this evening. The first is my very good friend is leaving the AO (Area of Operation for those of you not in the know). I am going to miss her so very much. We never see eachother but I know she is just over the bridge halfway to Grandma's house. Not so much starting on Sunday. She is going to have the greatest couple of months and her life will be full after this adventure. I know it! I wish I were going, except my passport is expired and still has my maiden name but other than that, I would totally be there. TOTALLY!

Ok, now here comes a favor. I need recommendations regarding an Oscar Party. I want to make an appetizer dish from each of the nominated movies for Best Picture. Now, because I have no life outside of the home or work (except for those days I spent away in that place we will never mention again) I haven't seen a single one of these movies. If you have seen one, or many and can recommend something to cook, I would love it. Here's an example: The Blind Side is set in Texas, right? I could make mini-pulled pork sandwiches or some tailgate food to represent football. I might be taking on more than I can chew for Sunday, but it sounds fun to me. Any ideas are welcome, just post to the comment section.

I am looking forward to our great friend coming to visit tomorrow. Jeff and he will have the best time bonding, seeing concerts and getting inundated with love from our family. We are honored to have him. In fact, we are honored to even know him.

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Anonymous said...

a suggestion - rather than tackle all of the oscar nominated pics,
take one pic and do several dishes.
For example - Up in the Air - you
could make things one finds in
airport food corridors.
Either way you do it, your food will be grand!
I am with you - enough of this rain