Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obsession with towels, pillowcases and anything rectangular...

James, who if you don't know is one year old, has an obsession with rectangular objects. I wish I could catch him on video because it cute. Weird, but cute. Although if I think about it long enough I decide he has some developmental issue and start googling rectangular obsession and oddly, there is a lot of information but nothing relating to this disorder I invented. This is the extent of my worries today, and in my book, that equals a pretty great day.

Instead of continuing to explain this made up malady infecting my child, here are links to my favorite places on the interwebs. Most of these I peruse every day because I value the writing, the opinions and the humor. I threw in a few links specific to today.

Please note: I am CLEARLY labeling certain blogs that are NSFMMOMIL (not safe for my mom or my in-laws) or for those easily shocked.

Beth Spotswood



Airborne Press

TheBloggess **** (NSFMMOMIL)

My Favorite of the Day! And oops, Joe Biden!

This story is crazy. What if someone "wins" this house and everything in this article turns out to be true. Heads will roll for sure!

I will keep you up to date on the impending clinical diagnosis for James' rectangle disease.


update: Here he is... He loves to place all rectangular objects on the ground. He would do it all day if you let him. Weird, cute and strange. (Please note Lilly's singing in the background. American Idol, here we don't come.)


Anonymous said...

OK - whatever you do, don't spend
$150 on a lottery ticket for the
house in Noe Valley. Too many little details missing in what you
might win not the least of which is
not enough permits. James, on the
other hand, is just an incredibly
neat little guy who likes all
rectangular things to lie straight so he can fold them correctly. Makes perfect sense to me!

Great blog - looked up all the
sites but stayed away from the one
clearly marked.

Love your writing - so clever!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and I went immediately to the sites that you had marked unsuitable for in-laws. You know how reverse pshchology works, tell me not to do something and "walla" I'm there!

Who doesn't love retangular things?

Love, GrannPa