Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is getting old and group hugs...

I talk about this all the time. We are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Even when the weather is awful, our surroundings are beautiful. But today... today was gorgeous. It astounds me that I got to spend the morning touring this amazing place.

What a delight it is watching children.

The Academy of Arts & Sciences is a delight and true gem of San Francisco!

And just went I thought it couldn't get any more beautiful, I spent the afternoon at a park. Now, a park usually gives me hives and makes me want to put forks in my eyeballs. I LOVE my kids, but I detest running after them making sure they don't hit their heads or get cornered by bullies. But this afternoon, we ended up here.

Really, this is the view from the park?

Even James loves it. Actually, he could care less about the view.

What fun!?!

Pure Joy!

We ended the day with a chaotic dinner with four adults, four children and four highchairs. We survived. Everyone ate. Then, we all had a group hug!



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day and such a
great park. Even James was loving
the day - that is great! Sounds like a day in the sun, friends,
beauty all around. Now, how could
it be any better!
You do such interesting things -how
lucky to be one of your kids and
enjoy views, parks, friends. It is all pretty nice!

Anonymous said...

Being grateful to live in such a great place is no small thing. I love these funny and honest comments.

JenD said...

Looks great, where are these parks?