Thursday, March 4, 2010

Living in beauty....

Sometimes, especially when it rains three thousand days in a row and you are sure that your house is going to float away, or at least fall victim to some sort of mudslide. It has been known to happen in my hometown and I really think this would put a damper on my day. I forget about this gorgeous area I live in which is surrounded by beauty; natural and man made.

Today there was sun. Beautiful gorgeous sun. We spent the day doing our normal Thursday things without raincoats and running to the car or the next destination for fear that we would melt, or worse, my hair would frizz up and scare people. And then we went to a place that amazes me everytime we go.

The view from the parking lot....

This is where we live. I have access to this view everyday. Amazing.

We have an extremely busy weekend. Our friend from Denver is coming to visit and let off some steam. We love him and plan on showering him with group hugs, food and drinks. My dear friend is moving to Argentina for two months and I am saying goodbye to her tomorrow evening. We have our first babysitter in forever, the teenager from next door. What fun we are a' havin' round here!



Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun filled and busy
time. enjoy - we do live in the most beautiful place in the world.
today, amidst sun and warmth, I
just stood amazed that I get to
see and feel this every day. it is
too good!

Anonymous said...

We can never forget the beauty. Thanks
for reminding us. For me, the politics
drive me nutso from time to time and
then I have to stop and see the beauty.

Anonymous said...

Lupe Jacobson was so inspired by your blog that she started her own. Pretty good if I do say so myself. It is