Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough.

We celebrate the Irish here at happymommy.
Actually, we drive by the places that celebrate the Irish here!

We love our red hair and freckles, our tempers and our ability to drink more than the neighbors!

We eat Corn Beef and Cabbage and Potatoes.

And we are happy about it!

We mourn the lose of friend on this day over twenty years ago. We remember not to drink and drive and put lives in jeopardy! We remember to be proud, conscious and productive.

Oh, and Life is a Beach....

Erin Go Braugh



Anonymous said...

Very clever! James at the beach is
just the beginning of the season, I think! Imagine what he could get
into on a nice long warm afternoon
with the beach as his backdrop -
boggles the mind, really.
You celebrated St. Patrick's in style with all the good food. Looks great! Life is a day at the
beach - at least, according to James!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like an Irishman with a Southern drawl celebrating St. Patrick's Day at the beach with his grandson!

Anonymous said...

This blog is going to be hot one day. I read pioneer mommy, not as focused I didn't think. Thanks for remembering. Amazing how life turns out. I wonder if his family had been different, they could have always had a connection but they appear to have gotten overwhelmed by greediness. Sad.