Thursday, April 1, 2010

Changes, buckets and family...

The happymommy household is about to make some big changes. Not only are we embarking on renovations to our house, but we are getting ready to send James to day care. I am not sure how to handle this. Work is becoming busier, and I need more time. This is weighing on my heart and soul. We didn't send Lilly to day care. I did so many things with her. Gymnastics, swimming, trips to the beach and zoo and Fairyland. James, he gets swimming. That's it. And now, I am sending him to daycare so I can work. Is this fair? Who knows. Do I have guilt? Yes. For some reason, today I do. James is such a different child. In most ways, he is the opposite of Lilly. But in all the important ways, he is the same. Loving, smart and a joy to watch grow. I think this might be what happens when a mommy is done with the baby part of parenting. I am sad. But am I ready? We shall see.

For now, I treasure the moments and wonder how I got so lucky to have the babies, and wonderful grown people in my life.

Learning to read with Grandma!

What a bucket head!

Not really sure what to say except, HOW CUTE?

Portrait of the Guilt-Ridden happymommy

Brought to you by Elmo's Monster Maker for I-Phone/Touch

(In no way am I being compensated for these really funny puppet pictures!)


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Anonymous said...

Hey - no guilt! James is the greatest little kid and I bet he will thrive in Day Care and with all of the other stimulus that he
gets in his life: a sister, 4 grandparents, significant other adults, this kid is well loved with
lots of stuff going on! His life is enriched - just look at the pictures! He is a happy guy!